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Persona 3 Reload Maiko: The food is delicious, hot and soft

Many characters you meet in Reload Persona 3 There are several quests for you to complete as you progress through the story. Maiko, a young girl at Naganaki Shrine, tells her friend that she likes a special type of food that is round, hot, and soft.

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Aside from a general description of the dish, Maiko doesn’t give you any other details. You have to search for this yourself somewhere in the city where you have to buy it and return it to her location to offer it to her. Thankfully, her description has narrowed down where you need to go. Here’s what you need to know about finding round, hot, and soft food locations for Maiko in Reload Persona 3.

A delicious, hot, soft dish for Maiko Reload Persona 3

How to find Takoyaki location in Persona 3 ReloadMaiko is looking for a friend to buy takoyaki for her. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Food you need to find Maiko is called exotic Takoyakiand it just appears as an item you can buy from Shopping mall at Iwatodai station IN Reload Persona 3. You need to arrive at this location after school before the evening to be able to enter the store.

When you reach Iwatodia strip shopping mallOn the right side of the area there is a shop called octopus. There’s a prominent sign above with bright lights, with a creative octopus holding a martini in one hand and a gun in the other. Head to the stall to request a portion of takoyaki for 400 yen. I have enjoyed takoyaki a few times, but since it is described as “exotic,” I might wonder about the ingredients that go into it. Regardless, that’s what Maiko wants, and what’s important is that she’s satisfied with the food she eats.

Once you have it, return to Maiko and give it to her. She will happily accept food from you, bringing you one step closer to a closer friendship with her. You need to find the second item, the drink that Maiko describes as “crazy and bitter.” Similar to takoyaki, she doesn’t tell you exactly what she wants and leaves you to figure it out for yourself.

Once you have completed these quests for her, this will unlock the Hanged Social Link, bringing you one step closer to completing every Social Link in Reload Persona 3. There are a lot of them, which means you need to constantly work on your Charm, Courage, and Academics while also making sure you take time out of your day to build your relationships. me with these people, including Maiko.