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Persona 3 Reload: Maiko Social Link Guide (Hanging)

Social bonding is one of the keys to becoming stronger in Reload Persona 3. The girl at the shrine, Maiko Oohashi, representing the Hanged Social Link, one of dozens you can find in the game.

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Hanged Man Major Arcana is a suitable choice for Maiko. This card often carries the meaning of sacrifice for the greater good, although that sacrifice can come from personal reflection and often involves giving up something, according to Waite tarot .

We’re very curious about her story and how it plays out, but we also just want to get Inugami out of our group so we can make room for better Personas. Below is our answer to Maiko Social Link in Reload Persona 3.

Unlock Maiko social link in Reload Persona 3

Starting May 6, you can start trying to befriend Maiko, however you will have to bribe her with snacks first. Stop by Octopia, the takoyaki stand at Iwatodai Strip Mall, and enjoy Weird Takoyaki. From there, cross the street into Iwotadai Station and buy Mad Bull from the vending machine (really a healthy meal for the kids). Once completed, you can begin connecting with Maiko when she is available.

Maiko’s social link is necessary if you want to unlock the Sun social link with Akinari Kamiki. He appears at Naganaki Shrine on Sunday, although you’ll need at least level four Academic to start Social Linking. He’ll appear after you reach third with Maiko, and if you’re studying for a certain red-haired third-year student, you might already be close to meeting his requirements.

Maiko (Hanging) Social Link Guide and Answers

Maiko is only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, so plan your schedule accordingly if you want to quickly max out her Social Links. Don’t forget to bring a Persona with the appropriate Arcana to get extra points to go with her. Inugami is a cheap option in the early game, available through a number of different recipes or as a reward in the first part of Arqa.

A maximum social connection with Maiko.Hanged Arcana is a perfect representation of Maiko. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Below are the answers we used to rank Maiko’s Social Links to level 10. While your answers may vary, this is what got us to the maximum level . We are using your Social Link level when you start interaction as the basis.

Start Social Linking (helps you rank one).

  • It’s your turn, okay? You can choose
    • Jungle gym.

In rank one:

  • My stomach is growling! Can we go to Wilduck?
    • Sure, let’s go.
  • Why did they divorce?
    • Or choose

In second class:

  • And who are you?
    • I’m Maiko’s friend.
  • Do you think he will come home and see me?
    • Don’t worry, he will be there.

In third place:

  • They really care about me!
    • Good news! or
    • Of course they care!

In fourth place:

  • He’s so mean! It’s not fair!
    • That’s terrible.
  • Do they wish I would disappear?
    • They never will.

In fifth place:

  • I have decided! I have to run away from home!
    • It’s up to you.
  • I need a lot of snacks, right? And… my insurance card?
    • That’s enough.

In sixth place:

  • She has never done anything like this before!
    • Either choice works.
  • If you know where she is, I beg you to let us know.
    • Probably at the takoyaki counter.

In seventh place:

  • What do you want to receive?
    • Hamburgers.
  • It’s sad but I listened to the whole thing. Did I do well?
    • You are a good girl.
  • Who do you think I should choose?
    • Your dad.

In eighth place:

  • Even when I’m gone… we’ll still be friends, right?
    • Friendship lasts forever.

At level nine (last interaction)

  • Do you think one day I will have my own family?
    • I’m sure you will.
  • Shall we get married?
    • Sure.

The person was hanged (or just hanged Persona 3 Reload) can describe Maiko’s situation perfectly. She is in a bind due to her parents’ impending divorce, almost as if she is hanging by a thread and waiting for answers. When divorce became essentially inevitable, she knew she would have to choose a side. She likes her father, but her mother doesn’t seem to be able to take care of herself as well as Maiko’s father. The girl at the temple eventually decides to move in with her mother to help, even though she will have to give up a lot to do so.