Blog - February 5, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Luxury Hand Weakness

When you reach the final floor of Tartarus in Reload Persona 3, some rare enemies are finally revealed. One of them is Luxury Hands.

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These Rare Shadows are different from the other monsters that roam the underworld of Tartarus. They appear like golden hands and rush away from you if you get close to them or if they see you from afar. The only way to start a battle is to rush towards them and attack before they can run away.

It is important not to eliminate these enemies. Although fighting them is annoying, the rewards you get for defeating them are worth the effort.

What is Opulent Hand’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

Persona 3 deluxe hand attack weakness reloadedAnother golden hand. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unlike the previous Rare Shadow Supreme Hand, the Clear Luxury Hand Reload Persona 3 has a weakness. It’s so weak Attack moves that deal physical damagethat a lot of people in the core group have access to.

Additionally, other attacks deal neutral damage, so if you don’t have a Persona that can deal Strike damage, you can still take it out with relative ease.

Luxury hands are rare enemies born from Floor 119 (119F) to floor 144 (144F) and gives a large amount of EXP and high-value items. Its dropped items are also required for certain quests that Elizabeth requests later in the story.

This won’t be the last Rare Shadow you’ll encounter, but fortunately it’s one of the easiest to deal with.