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Persona 3 Reload: Lustful Snake’s Weakness

Lustful Snake is one of the more challenging Shadows you can find in Reload Persona 3. It’s an elite enemy that appears in Tartarus as you progress to higher levels, but it has a weak spot that you can hit.

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The Lustful Snake is not only a difficult enemy to defeat, but also one you need to track down at Elizabeth’s request. When you’re in the early levels of Tartarus, defeating this enemy is a great way to increase your level and increase your chances of earning great rewards that you can sell for money to buy useful equipment . This guide covers Lustful Snake’s weaknesses in Reload Persona 3.

Lustful Snake’s weakness in Reload Persona 3?

All of Lustful Snake's weaknesses in Persona 3 ReloadYou need to use the Ice attack on Lustful Snake. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Lustful Snake is weak to Ice attacks IN Reload Persona 3. You can hit it with any Ice attack, and it will go into a weakened state, falling to the ground, giving you a chance to unleash a full attack. Because these enemies often find themselves, you can take advantage of this almost every time.

You can find the Lustful Snake on many enemies, and it initially starts spawning as you get closer to floor 60. I found my first one on floor 57, Arqa region. That’s one elite enemies in this area, which means it won’t be like the standard Shadows you see around. Instead, stay Reload Persona 3The elite enemy is meindicated by a distinct red lightand your allies often point out how much stronger these opponents are before you go into battle. I recommend attacking them before entering battle, giving you more of a chance to fight them off before they can react.

Since Lustful Snakes are weak to Ice attacks, it’s best to bring Mitsuru along. She and her Persona have access to a variety of Ice attacks, making them best suited for your team to defeat. However, you can also use multiple of your Personas and take advantage of this weakness if Mitsuru is not in your party.

After you defeat the Lustful Snake, there’s a chance it might drop black quartz, a required item to complete one of Elizabeth’s requests. You need to take this item to the bartender at Club Escapade to get the glass which he can sell to you for 10,000 and then take it back to Elizabeth at Reload Persona 3.