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Persona 3 Reload: Kenji Tomochika’s (Mage) Social Link Guide

Kenji Tomochika is one of the Social Links you can complete in Reload Persona 3. He’s the first Social Link you unlock, and you’ll support him on his journey of trying to navigate an older relationship.

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Like other Social Links in Reload Persona 3, there is a specific way you need to approach Kenji in every conversation. If you don’t say the right things to him, it will negatively impact your relationship, making it more difficult to fulfill in the future. Luckily, we can give you the correct answer to join him in reaching rank 10. Here’s what you need to know about perfecting and maximizing Kenj Tomochika’s Social Links in Reload Persona 3.

How to Unlock Kenji Tomochika Social Link in Reload Persona 3

All answers about Kenji Tomochika Social Link in Persona 3 ReloadYou can talk to Kenji Tomochika after class. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Friend automatically unlocks Kenji Tomochika’s Social Link at the begining Reload Persona 3. When you unlock him, the game will provide a brief tutorial on how Social Links work and what you should do for every character with a social link during your playthrough.

You can find Kenji at your homeroom at the end of the school year after you unlock him. He just has the upper hand Tuesday Thursday, And Friday. Outside of these days, he might call you on the weekend to see if you want to hang out, which is a good opportunity to strengthen your overall relationship with him. However, you might get a little tired trying to climb all the floors of Tartarus.

His Arcana is Mage, which means you want to make sure you have a Persona in your gear linked to the Mage to strengthen your relationship with him before you two go out. You can always contact Elizabeth at the Velvet Room in Paulownia Mall to fuse Personas to find one under the Magician Arcana or purchase one from your available summons. This is the same if you try to work on Social Link for Maiko.

All answers by Kenji Tomochika Social Link in Reload Persona 3

You can choose from several responses during your time with Kenji in Persona 3 Reload, but we’ll highlight the best options to ensure you optimize your time with him to achieve your goals. rank 10.

In rank one

  • Can you go into Takeba-san’s room and stuff?
    • “No way” or “It’s a secret”
  • I like older women. How about you?
    • “I like older women” or “I like them all”

In second class

  • God, I’m so sick of this, man
    • “What, of life?”
  • Okay, that’s it. I’ll get myself a girlfriend. Right away!
    • “Good luck!”

In third place

  • I’ll go ask Ms. Kanou out right now!
    • “Good luck!”

In fourth place

  • Yeah, handsome guys often gather together, you know? It’s like the law of attraction.
    • “Alright.”

In fifth place

  • Sorry man, but I have to get over it this time.
    • Any option
  • I mean, going to college is pretty important, don’t you think? You also think about the future, right?”
    • “I already have a plan.”

In sixth place

  • I can’t eat
    • “What happened?”
  • I saw a magazine in Emiri’s room. Guess what it’s called
    • “Future bride?”
  • You think it’s a good plan?
    • “Congratulations!”

In seventh place

  • Hello. Sorry for letting you come here. I… Ah, damn it.
    • “Are you in trouble?”
  • And now she is being transferred to a school in Kyushu. What do I do?
    • “You should go with her.” or “You two should talk clearly.”

In eighth place

  • I was so excited to go with her that I… I…
    • “Let me handle this!”

In ninth place

  • Miss Kanou must be in Kyushu by now. I wonder if she has had a wedding yet.
    • “…”
  • My friend, hanging out with you is always fun. That said… I still want a girlfriend!
    • “You got this!” or “Want me to find you a girl?”