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Persona 3 Reload: Imposes Skyscraper weakness

The majestic skyscraper is a boss in the Reload Persona 3 appeared on Level 112 of Yabbashah. Like many bosses, the majestic Skyscraper can be difficult, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulty levels. Here’s how to beat the impressive Skyscraper.

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What is Skyscraper’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

The characters in Persona 3 Reload are fighting against the majestic SkyscraperTry to get everyone to Theurgy at Max before the game. Screenshot via FantsyPants

Surprise, surprise, Majestic skyscrapers have no weaknesses. Yes, like many residential bosses Reload Persona 3The majestic skyscraper is too cool to take down unless you get lucky and get a Critical Hit.

Unfortunately, this means you have to use the old-fashioned “hit hard” tactic until it stops moving.

Even if you don’t have any weaknesses, you can still do it makes the fight significantly easier by inclusion Right party member and suitable equipment.

How to beat Impressive Skyscrapers in Reload Persona 3

First, I recommend Eliminate Yukari and Aigis from this fight because both are weak in electricity. Instead of, bring Akihiko because he has a natural resistance to these types of attacks.

The remaining positions should be reserved for non-elemental damage dealers. Make sure the main character doesn’t have a Persona that is weak to Electric attacks.

If you can, Equip your character with the Antistatic Amulet, helps you avoid Shock. You can also fight bosses without them, but it will be very annoying to waste items or abilities to cure this disease.

Now for the real fight, I recommend it Start with everyone’s Theology bar at max (including Fuuka). This way, you can unleash a few powerful attacks at the beginning of the battle and can even regain your Theurgy bar for another series of attacks at the end of the battle. Of course, don’t use Akihiko’s Theology attack. Because Akihiko’s Theology attack deals Electric damage, it will only heal the Majestic Skyscraper, and that’s the last thing you want. With that said, his basic non-elemental abilities are awesome.

Other than that, I recommend Use Slash and Attack abilities (Piercing attacks have no effect) on the majestic Skyscraper. Depending on your level, the only thing you can do at this point is reduce its health until it drops. Rakunda casting to lower the majestic Skyscraper’s defenses will also help.

Just keep hitting the boss until you reduce its health to zero.