Blog - February 5, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: How to Fuse King Frost

Reload Persona 3 delivers some of the most captivating Personas in the series: the Jack Frost dynasty. Jack Frost, Jack-o’-Lantern, King Frost and even Black Frost all return in the remake.

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Ice King is a good choice if you’re looking to cover up Ice’s weaknesses. Mitsuru in the party is enough to ensure that you have at least one person with this element in their arsenal. But since the main character can have dozens of Personas, it’s useful to have him as your ticket to more powerful Frost spells like Bufula and Mabufula. Here’s how you can incorporate King Frost in Reload Persona 3.

Reload Persona 3 King Frost’s request

To craft King Frost, you need the Sugar Key, available after completing one of Elizabeth’s requirements. The Velvet Room concierge wants three Jack Frost dolls, which you can easily get from the crane at Paulownia Mall. It’s much easier than finding a fashion item or collecting 12 drinks for her.

The crane is right outside the entertainment area. Keep playing until you win the prize, it takes us two at a time. Get three Jack Frost dolls and bring them to Elizabeth to unlock the Sugar Key. Once you have this, you can get to the science part of creating King Frost: mixing the Personas.

Which Personas do you need to fuse King Frost?

Here are some Persona combinations we can use to create King Frost:

King Frost's fusion screen in Persona 3 ReloadedScreenshot of Dot Esports

  • Leanan Sidhe (Queen) + Power (Justice)
  • Lamia (Hermit) + Matador (Power) (thanks, Siliconera)
  • Legion (Idiot) + Mithras (Chariot)
    • We got Leanan Sidhe by mixing Tam Lin with Gurulu.
    • We get Strength by mixing Naga with Fortuna.
    • We have Lamia from Leanan Sidhe and Zouchouten.
    • We have Matador from Berith and Take-Minataka.
    • We created Legion from Unicorn and Zouchouten.
    • We created Mithras from Tam Lin and Jack-o’-Lantern

Because of the way internal fusion works Reload Persona 3, you can create King Frost by mixing Personas that normally create Emperor Arcana. However, there are many options for this, and you can experiment with Compendium in your Velvet Room. Don’t forget to save your game before testing.