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Persona 3 Reload: Hidetoshi Odagiri (Emperor) Social Link Guide

When you are enhancing Social Links in Reload Persona 3, you often need to tell characters what they want to hear instead of giving useful advice. This is especially true when it comes to Hidetoshi Odagiri, so here’s how to increase Emperor Arcana to Rank 10.

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How to Unlock Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link in Reload Persona 3

Student Council meeting room with all the characters talkingYou have to join the Student Council, whether you want to or now. Screenshot of Dot Esports

On April 27 (April 27) IN Reload Persona 3, Kirijo enrolled you into the School Council without your permission. You don’t need to raise your Courage, Charm, or Academics to participate; You’re in it whether you like it or not.

The Student Council Room is located on the second floor of the school building, right down the hall from your classroom. While you don’t need to attend any meetings to finish the game, they are still necessary to advance Imperial Social Links—more specifically, Hidetoshi Odagiri’s Social Link, who oversaw the disciplinary committee. You may attend each School Board meeting Monday, Wednesday and Fridayexcept holidays and during exam period.

All answers by Hidetoshi Odagiri Social Link in Reload Persona 3

Persona 3 Emperor Arcana status screenEmperor Arcana. Screenshot of Dot Esports

At first, Hidetoshi Odagiri was a real pain. He really wants everyone to follow the rules, and if anyone breaks them, he will start criticizing. After finding cigarette butts in the boys’ bathroom, he spends about half of your Social Link events talking about it and accusing other students. Even so, if you watch his story (Social Link) from start to finish, he will open up more and you will discover why he is the way he is. To get his sympathy, you should tell him what he wants want to hear instead of what he needed to hear.


To receive a larger Social Link increase during these events, equip the Emperor Persona before talking to Hidetoshi.

In rank one

  • Some students think school uniforms should be abolished and they are rallying supporters.
    • It sounds meaningless.

In second class

  • What!? You can’t decide something like that without talking to the president first!
    • Any answer is fine here.

In third place

  • This guy looks like he’s about to hit Odagiri!
    • Any answer is fine here.
  • What is it? Do you need something from me?
    • It seems like you’re working hard.

In fourth place

  • … Neanderthal herd.
    • They are the worst!

In fifth place

  • It’s a good thing there aren’t those hyenas around.
    • Any answer is fine here.
  • So you can see, we can’t exactly have a meeting right now. You can leave if you want.
    • But I just got here…

In sixth place

  • I mean about the punishment for smokers.
    • It seems too harsh.

In seventh place

  • Um, did Odagiri-san do something?
    • Any answer is fine here.
  • …So you’ve heard all that.
    • That’s not me.

In eighth place

  • I prattle on about rules and fairness, but all I really prove is that I crave power.
    • Don’t blame yourself (other options also seem to work).

In ninth place

  • So how did I do it? What do you think?
    • Not too bad.
  • That’s why you should be the one to own it.
    • I will cherish it.