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Persona 3 Reload: Heretic Magus and Grievous Table Weaknesses

IN Reload Persona 3, Heretic Magus is the boss of the 35th floor Gatekeeper in Tartarus. It is surrounded by two Tables of Grief and is the first of two back-to-back boss fights in the Arqa half block. The question is: what are the weaknesses of these enemies?

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The Heretic Magis boss fight is probably the most difficult battle you’ll ever experience up to this point. Reload Persona 3. Especially if, like me, you rush through Tartarus as quickly as possible without waiting for Akihiko to join the group. But the Heretic Magus and its Grievous Tables can be defeated even with a party of three.

Weaknesses of the Internal Grief Table Reload Persona 3?

Grievous Table weakness in Persona 3 ReloadedIt’s a table, I swear. It’s just crushed. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Grievous Tables in the Heretic Magus boss fight are weak to Ice damage. You’ll be in this fight long before ice magic expert Mitsuru joins the party. But you should have had a chance to pick up some Personas for your leader to be able to deal Ice damage. I used Valkyrie, but Apsaras, Silky, and Forneus are all low-level examples of Personas with the Bufu Ice skill that you’ve had a chance to collect up until now. If you don’t have Ice magic then you’ll have to use some other type of attack. Don’t bother with Fire damage, as they are immune to that.

What are the weaknesses of Heretic Magus? Reload Persona 3?

Heretic Magus's weakness in Persona 3 ReloadedYou can’t see the spark here, but the Heretic Magus just got a big shock. Screenshot of Dot Esports

While the Table of Grief is weak to Ice damage and immune to Fire damage, the Heretic Magus is weak to Electric damage and resistant to Fire damage. So you need to take into account all four affinity factors here. If you waited until Akihiko joined the party before attempting this boss battle, his Zio skill will be very useful here.

But if you don’t have Akihiko yet, you’re fine as long as you’ve picked up a Persona with the Electric skill (e.g. Pixie, Omoikane, or Demon) somewhere along the way. If you don’t have any Electric attacks yet, this battle can still be won, but it will be very difficult. Junpei is weak to Heretic Magus’s Wind attacks, so he’s a bit of a liability here. But Yukari has the ability to resist them, so she can be relied on for healing. Finally, the Heretic Magus can poison you, so if you have it, this is the perfect time to use up some Baisudi Gems.

Once you have won this fight, the Disruption Dice will appear next.