Blog - February 7, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Eternal Eagle’s Weakness

If you are wandering in Tartarus Reload Persona 3You can find one Eternal Eagle lurk behind Monad Doors and exploiting their weaknesses can make that fight easy.

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We found the Eternal Eagle on the 100th floor in YabbashahOur most recent meeting was on the 109th floor. The doors and their layout change every time you enter. Reload Persona 3‘S However, Tartarus so your mileage may vary.

If you encounter the Eternal Eagle at the end of the Monad Door, you’ll have a pretty easy fight if you can take advantage of its (thankfully easy) weakness. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Eternal Eagle’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

Eternal Eagle is weak to Pierce but negates Strike and Slash damage. This is one of the best weaknesses to have, depending on the composition of your team.

The Eternal Eagle's resistances and weaknesses menu in Persona 3, showing it is weak to Pierce but resistant to Strike and Slash.My social link to Pierce damage just increased to 10 after this battle. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to defeat the Eternal Eagle in Reload Persona 3

Eternal Eagle is weak against Pierce making it an easy target. Yukari and Aigis have Pierce passives in their basic attacks, and fighters like Junpei have their own way of dealing Pierce damage, which makes it easier to keep Eternal Eagle on the floor.

Pay attention to its Heat Riser buff, which will increase the party’s stats and attacks like Blade of Fury. Masukunda can be annoying when attacking on the ground as it will reduce your team’s accuracy, so using Fuuka’s Sylphid Aura before battle can help ensure the fight never gets to that stage .

Because of that weakness, Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Koromaru are not really recommended to participate in this fight. None of them have an easy way to exploit that weakness, and as a further drawback to Koromaru, the Eternal Eagle can also use Light magic. If that’s your composition, Theurgies might be your best bet to maintain damage numbers when the main character isn’t using Pierce damage.