Blog - February 7, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Elegant Mother’s Weakness

Climb through the floors of Tartarus in Reload Persona 3 not an easy task. Mighty enemies lurk in the higher levels and the Elegant Mother awaits in Yabbashah.

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When I went to Yabbashah, I was in sync with character 3 team, only make necessary changes to my team when necessary. On this floor, the Supreme Hand and Jotun of Power encounters required me to exploit their weaknesses as I was testing higher difficulties Reload Persona 3 installed and I made some changes before facing Elegant Mother.

What is Elegant Mother’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

Screenshot from Persona 3 Reload showing two characters cooking and speaking.Extinguish mother elegantly with fire. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Elegant mother is Weak to Fire attacks. In battle, you can use Agilao for quick kills, which will allow the rest of your team to deal a significant amount of damage. Characters skilled in using fire will go far in this fight.

Elegant Mother is resistant to Wind and Shadow attacks, so Personas that specialize in those may need to take a step back until it’s their time to shine again.

With enough Firepower on your side, an encounter with the Elegant Mother will feel like a breeze, but you’ll still need to pay attention to her dangerous attacks. Poison Mist can be quickly countered with Dis-Poison and keep an eye out for Demonic Decree, which can one-shot your party members below half health. Maintaining full HP bars throughout this encounter will give you enough room to make mistakes.

Later in the game, the best Personas will join your arsenal, giving you more options before important encounters. When you combine their stats and how they work to overcome weaknesses, you’ll start each encounter one step ahead.