Blog - February 4, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Disturbing Dice Weakness (level 36 boss)

Harassment Dice is the Gatekeeper’s boss on Level 36 of Tartarus in Reload Persona 3. This is the second of two boss fights, the first being the Heretic Magus on Floor 35. This is a tough fight, but it’s much easier if you know its weakness.

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Next to the Disruption Dice are two pairs of Slaughter Twins, and it’s good to know their weaknesses, so you can get out of the way before focusing on the boss. Well, I have some good news and some bad news.

Weakness of Disturbing Dice, boss of floor 36 in Reload Persona 3?

Dice stats are disruptiveDarth Vader once said: “I find your lack of weakness disturbing.” Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you tried hitting the Disruption Dice with a few different attacks before coming here for help, you’re probably wondering if the boss has any weaknesses. And that’s the bad news: Nope. Disruptive dice have no weaknesses, so you can’t guarantee that you’ll take it down with any type of attack. The other bad news is that it is resistant to Fire damage so Junpei and Orhpeus’ magical attacks are virtually useless here.

The good news is that Slaughter Twins are weak to Electric damage. And the other good news is that you can absolutely win in Reload Persona 3 without exploiting the enemy’s weakness, and including this weakness.

How to defeat Disturbing Dice, boss of floor 36 in Reload Persona 3

A critical hit to the Dice causes chaosBy the time I tried all my attacks, the Disruption Dice were almost dead. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you’re having trouble hitting the Disruption Dice, I recommend waiting until May 23 (5/23) to resolve it. The reason is because May 23 is the day Akihiro joins the party, increasing your team size from three to four. He is also equipped with the Zio attack, which deals Electric damage and will take down the Slaughter Twins in short order. His basic attacks also have a pretty high chance to crit, and critical hits are the only way you can knock down the Disruption Dice and give yourself a chance for an all-out attack.

Having said that, I didn’t wait until May 23rd to try this battle and had no trouble beating Slaughter Twins and Disturbing Dice with just Junpei and Yukari for company. I used Tam Lin Persona, which gave me the Zio spell I needed to take out the Slaughter Twins and get myself a free hit against the Disruption Dice. However, any Persona that can deal Electric damage will do. So if you don’t have Tam Lin yet, try using Pixie, Omoikane or Devil.

Once the Slaughter Twins are dealt with, it’s best to let Junpei and the Leader hit the Disruption Dice with basic attacks while Yunari heals whoever needs it most. Those basic attacks usually don’t do much damage, but they don’t cost HP or SP, and occasionally one of them will critically strike—possibly Junpei.