Blog - February 3, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Clairvoyant Relic Weakness

IN Reload Persona 3Once you reach the 42nd floor (42F), you face one of the most annoying bosses in Tartarus—the Relic.

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The boss is a massive god who sits on a throne and can be a pain to defeat. Unlike most others Reload Persona 3 bosses that have clear and distinct visual cues to recognize their weaknesses, this boss is more trouble than it needs to be.

What are the weaknesses of Clairvoyant Relic? Reload Persona 3?

The relic of clairvoyance exists There are no weaknesses and is immune to Light and Dark elemental attacks. All three types of physical damage—Slash, Strike, and Piercing—deal neutral damage to the Clairvoyant Relic, as do Fire, Wind, Electricity, and Ice elemental attacks. There are no moves that can cause critical weakness to the Stigma of Clairvoyance.

How to defeat the Inner Clairvoyance Relic Reload Persona 3

The key to getting through this fight is not exploiting any weaknesses, but power through it. You can level your character to the point where they are too strong or rely on debuff spells to reduce the defense, attack, and accuracy of the Clairvoyant Relic, making him weaker.

You also need to make sure that your current party members, and the Personas you have equipped, Not weak to Fire, Ice, Wind or Electricity elemental damage, as Clairvoyant Relic knows many different elemental moves.

The latter can be nearly impossible to do, however, as most of the pool available to you is weak to at least one of these elemental types. So the best option is to simply use your strongest party members and use buffs to weaken the boss.