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Persona 3 Reload: Chihiro Justice’s Social Links Guide

IN Reload Persona 3, Chihiro Fushimi is the treasurer of the Gekkoukan High School student council. He represents the Justice Arcana, which includes Angels, Principalities, and Powers along with various Personas. You can almost always find Chihiro standing outside the student council room.

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Despite being in a position of power and responsibility, Chihiro is extremely shy and nervous, even by the very nervous standards of high school girls in JRPGs and anime. But she wants to make friends and even date guys; she just needs a little patience and gentle persistence.

How to unlock Chihiro, Treasurer in Reload Persona 3

Talk to ChihiroPlaying hard to get won’t help you here. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chihiro appeared in her usual position outside the student council as soon as you join the student council yourself and reach first rank with Hidetoshi, who represents the Emperor Arcana. Your social link with Hidetoshi will automatically unlock on April 27 (4/27), but starting your friendship with Chihiro will require a little more effort.

You need to talk to Chihiro four separate times before the final Justice Arcana is unlocked:

  • Talk to her on April 28 (4/28) or later.
  • Talk to her on April 30 (4/30) or later and say, I’m a guy.
  • Talk to her on May 2 (May 2) or later and say, Hello, and let’s hang out.
  • Talk to her on May 7 (5/7) or later and say, Let’s walk home together.

There are many other dialogue options along the way, but the ones listed above are the only ones that make a real difference to the outcome.

Chihiro will walk with you back to her school days, because she’s too shy to say that her house is in the completely opposite direction. Either way, she’s happy to be with you in complete silence and the Justice Arcana will unlock.

How to rank Social Links Justice Chihiro in Reload Persona 3

Go shopping with ChihiroYou can tell how happy I really am by the fast-forwards. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once this Social Link is unlocked, you will receive it bonus levels each time you fuse a new Justice Character. And the higher the Justice Arcana rank, the more rewards you will receive. To rank up, Meet Chihiro at her usual place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, and Select the following dialogue options. In case the option is not specified below (including reaching Rank 10), you can say anything and it makes no difference.

Ranked two

Do not worry about that.
I read classics. / I read a comic book.
I’m happy.

Ranked three

They have no shame.
I agree.

Ranked four

I’m here for you.

Ranked five

I heard it all.
Yes, she’s in love.
Happy to help.
Hold her hand.

Ranked six

Is it good?
What do you mean?

Ranked seven

Probably just a misunderstanding
We need to do something…

Ranked eight

I know you are innocent.

Ninth place

Don’t worry, she will help us.
Chihiro is innocent. / You need to tell her yourself.
What’s getting into you?
I feel the same way, Chihiro, (for romance) OR I like working with you, but… (just friends)