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Persona 3 Reload: Chaos Cyclops Weakness

Cyclops chaos is one of them Reload Persona 3 The bosses of the Monad Door in the third block of Tartarus, Yabbashah, and the fight can be quite difficult due to its weaknesses and resistances.

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We find Chaos Cyclops at the end of Yabbashah, a few floors before the fight Reload Persona 3 Imposing skyscrapers. You can fight several different Monad Door bosses throughout that section. You will likely find more than one on a longer expedition.

Not only do they award a lot of XP, but each Monad Door also has treasure chests at the end that can grant you higher quality items, although these doors only reset if you leave Tartarus and spin again on another occasion. Here’s what you need to know if you go through the red door and find Chaos Cyclops on the other side.

What is Chaos Cyclops’ weakness? character 3 Reload?

Chaos Cyclops' weakness in Persona 3 Reload.Well, that’s not really a weakness. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Chaos Cyclops has no weaknesses and negates Pierce and Light’s attacks. Watch out for incoming Electric and Fire damage as it can weaken Aigis, Yukari, and Mitsuru — but Akihiko and Junpei can escape largely unscathed.

How to defeat Chaos Cyclops in Reload Persona 3

Chaos Cyclops is confused.Take down Pulinpa with Yukari to make this fight easy. Screenshot of Dot Esports

While Chaos Cyclops doesn’t appear to have a direct weakness, it can still be easily overcome with status effects. Yukari has Pulinpa, and Mitsuru has Marin Karin, which makes it easy to tame Chaos Cyclops with Confuse or Charm. This opens up a large window of safety for you to deal damage with impunity. With a little luck, you’ll even get a critical hit or two in the process of performing all-out attacks.

Junpei and Akihiko resist some of Chaos Cyclops’ attacks, so they will most likely be fine throughout the fight. Make sure to have someone subdue the Chaos Cyclops while you perform high-damage attacks, and Theurgies is a good panic button if you need more firepower.