Blog - February 6, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Beastly Wheel Weakness

Reload Persona 3 will throw a lot of Shadows your way as you cross Tartarus. Once you’ve overcome the second major hurdle on your way, you can continue climbing and find new enemies like Animalistic wheel.

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The beast wheel appears in the second half of the second block in Tartarus, Arqa, after you defeat the Relic of Clairvoyance. We found them starting on the 45th floor, although the Lustful Snake is the more popular attraction as you climb up.

This is one of the new powerful Shadows you’ll find, although it’s weaker if you know how to handle it. And you won’t have to struggle to find Persona with Zio like you did with Steel Gigas. Here’s how we approach those battles.

What are the weaknesses of Bestial Wheel? Reload Persona 3?

The animalistic wheel is weak against the wind Reload Persona 3 but resists Strike and Pierce damage. You won’t get much benefit from Yukari’s basic attacks, but she has invaluable utility in this fight (more so than usual) thanks to her Wind spells.

Bestial Wheel's weakness menu, showing it is weak to Wind.Wind magic is your weapon of choice here. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Bestial Wheel also has no resistance to Slash, meaning you can use Junpei at will.

How to beat Bestial Wheel in Reload Persona 3

Like most other powerful Shadows, encounter debuffs early pop is essential to make this fight simple. Yukari works well here because Bestial Wheel is weak to Wind. She also has access to by Pulin to confuse the Animalistic Wheel. Confuse the enemy on your first turn, then Alternate between her and the main character using Garu magic to perform all-out attacks with ease. You should make a dent in its health (if not kill it outright) before the debuff wears off. This is the same strategy we used against Slave Monsters on previous floors, but you’ll have to divide Yukari’s attention between dealing damage and dealing damage.