Blog - February 6, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: All the costumes and how to get them

Similar to other titles in the franchise, Reload Persona 3 offers a large collection of costumes—free and paid—for you to customize your character’s appearance. Below is a list of costumes available in the game and how to get them.

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All outfits are in Reload Persona 3

Persona 3 Character ReloadWant an outfit? Image via Sega

IN Reload Persona 3, in addition to the default uniform and armband, which will unlock after you visit Tartarus for the first time, you can get additional outfits by checking side requests, opening chests that appear on Tartarus, or purchasing DLCs pay fee. Below are all the costumes you can get in the game.

Outfit nameHow to unlockSEES UniformUnlocked on June 13 (in-game day) by progressing through the game’s campaign Men’s Summer UniformComplete Fusion Series #4: Lovers, Titania Elizabeth quest Women’s Summer UniformComplete into Let Me Listen to Music, unique to the quest Gekkoukan Elizabeth Winter Uniform MaleComplete the quest Elizabeth’s Umiushi Beef Bowl Winter Uniform FemaleComplete the quest Elizabeth’s Oberon with MazioSummer ClothesComplete Elizabeth’s Please Feed the Cat quest Summer ClothesFemaleComplete Elizabeth’s Fusion Series #5: Magician, Rangda QuestWinter Garb MaleComplete Elizabeth’s Fusion Series #2: Chariot, Mithras questWinter Garb FemaleComplete Elizabeth’s I Want a Gift Bouquet QuestTuxedoOpen the locked chest when Explore TartarusMaid OutfitComplete the Elizabeth’s Hermit quest with MothmanSexy armorOpen locked chests while exploring TartarusPink bikiniOpen locked chests while exploring TartarusCombat pantiesOpen locked chests while exploring TartarusRed shortsOpen chests found in the following Monad Passage upon defeating the second boss from the Upper Tziyah Block on floor 177FColored shortsDefeating the second boss in the Monad Passage on floor 143FWinged dog suitOpening locked chests while exploring TartarusInfiltration outfitUnlocking Aigis on 7/24 (inside day) game) to get this costume Yellow Yasogami Premium Outfit (Persona 4)Shujin Royal DLC Outfit Academy Outfit (Persona 5)DLC Outfit Royal Thief Outfit (Persona 5) Outfit DLCThis list will be expanded as we discover more about the game.

How to equip inner clothes Reload Persona 3

Equipment menu in Persona 3 ReloadedYou can change your outfit from here. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To equip the outfit owned in Reload Persona 3, open the menu (note, you cannot do this while participating in the story). In the menu, select Equipment and then select the character whose outfit you want to change. The fifth option in the Equipment menu is to change the character’s outfit.

How to get Reload Persona 3 DLC costumes

In addition to the free costumes you can get in Reload Persona 3, you can purchase three additional outfits inspired by old Persona games. Each of these three costumes costs $2.99 ​​USD or can be purchased as part of a DLC pack priced at $26.99 USD. You can access the DLC content you purchase from the locker in your dorm room Reload Persona 3.