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Persona 3 Reload: All class and exam questions and answers

While most of your time in Reload Persona 3 will be spent fighting demons, you still need to spend some time taking classes and doing well on your tests.

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Throughout your entire playthrough, you’ll be asked random questions throughout the school year about different topics — which, if we’re honest, even we didn’t know how to answer at first. But completing all of them is important if you want to increase your Charm and Academic stat.

So, here it is question list you will encounter as you play through Reload Persona 3 and answer you need to give.

All school questions and answers in Reload Persona 3


8/4: Among these phrases, ‘flower shower’, ‘mystical illusion’ and ‘vivid carp tree’, which one symbolizes summer?

Lively carp streamer

April 18: Places where people threw trash during the Jomon period – what are they called today?

the middle

4/27: Which of the following is not an algebraic spiral?



6/5: What do you call the device that helps generate electricity for trains?

one needs electricity

5/13: What tools did he (Léon Foucault) use in his experiments?


5/15: Another name for ‘May sickness’ – what’s the more common name?

May Blues

Midterm exam in May

May 19: Another common expression used to describe “What is May sickness?

May Blues

5/20: Which of the following substances did Leon Foucault use in his experiment on the earth’s rotation?

a pendulum

5/21: Which of the following substances is produced by an electrical relay?


5/22: During which historical period were manure piles most commonly used?



June 15: What phrase means ‘to be able to see things as they really are’?


June 17: What early religious practice was the origin of magic?


June 22: What do people call this curve?

witch by Agnesi

June 25: What is it called when the air bubbles in the whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?

Vibration effect

June 29: What kind of natural magic is used to find water?



3/7: …What story is he talking about?

About romance

8/7: Where is the comma found in the following sentence?

Between ‘time’ and ‘it’.

July 9: At the same time, a serious problem arose for farmers. Do you remember what that was?

Social disparity

7/10: What is the esoteric study of Jewish texts?


7/11: Now, what do you think that item is? It’s something every samurai needs!


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