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Persona 3 29 reload request: How to get fashion items

After saving Fuuka Reload Persona 3you unlock a series of requests that require you to obtain various items, including something called Fashion Items.

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While most items, such as Rosin and other similar side quest items, are easy to obtain, Fashion Items are not so easy. You must complete certain quests before discovering where to find it.

How to complete Requirement 29: ‘I want to look fashionable’ in Reload Persona 3

Find Lustful Snake and receive Black Quartz

The lustful snake fight in Persona 3 ReloadedThe lustful snake was discovered. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To get the fashion item Elizabeth is after, you must first travel deep into Tartarus in search of known enemies. like a lustful snakeDrop items Black quartz when defeated.

Lustful Snakes are found on floors 28 and 68 in Tartarus. They appear as a very strong enemy, can be distinguished from normal shadows due to Powerful red aura effect on their model. On the minimap in the lower left corner, very strong enemies will flash red instead of being a static dot.

The higher you are in Tartarus, the easier it is to find the Lustful Snake. So keep your eyes peeled and search the higher floors for a better chance of finding it. Its completely random However, strong enemies will appear, so you may have to wait a while.

Bring Black Quartz to Club Escapade at Paulownia Mall

The fashion item is in the club when reloading Persona 3.Big spenders. Screenshot of Dot Esports

In the evening, any day after receiving Black Quartz, Go to Club Escapade at Paulownia Mall. You need to level two or higher in Courage index to get inside.

In the corner of the club, there is an NPC with an exclamation mark above his head. Talk to him and he will get the Black Quartz. Then you must buy glasses for 10,000 yenit will give you the item you need to bring to Elizabeth.

When he returned to Elizabeth to complete the request, you receive five Incense Powers You can use it to increase your character’s Strength stat.