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Palworld’s best partner skills

You may ignore Partner Skills when you first start, but you will soon realize that they are extremely useful and should not be overlooked. Partner Skills are useful in a variety of situations, and some are unlocked by crafting a specific item from Palworld’s Tech Tree.

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Here are the best Partner Skills you can get in Palworld.

Each Pal has a certain number of Job Abilities, can learn up to three combat abilities, and has at least one Passive Skill. But it’s their fixed Partner Skills that make each Pal truly unique. They are important in determining how strong a Friend is and understanding how to pool their strength in the most optimal way. It’s better to have certain Friends work at your base, such as on the Farm, while other Friends excel on the battlefield.

Partner skills are useful in a variety of situations, and some are unlocked by crafting a specific item from by Palworld Technology tree. Don’t ignore your partner’s Skills as they can completely change the game. Once you have crafted the item needed to unlock a Friend’s Partner Skill, that item will remain unlocked and usable forever, as long as you keep that Friend in your party. Here are the best Partner Skills you can get Palworld.

Best Pal partner skills in Palworld

The two Pal groups faced each other.There are many options. Image via Pocket Pair

Partner skills can help you explore the world, fight in combat, or build your base. They’re very diverse, which means it’s difficult to come up with an exact list of what’s best or worst: It all depends on what’s more important to you. For this reason, we have classified Best partner skills for fighting, exploring and collecting.

Best partner skills to fight in Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing the player's Jetragon hovering over a mountain.It is truly a living jet. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Most of the partner’s skills in Palworld There is combat involved and there are a lot of options. Here are the ones we consider the best.

1) Airborne missile: Jetragon

Jetragon can become a flying mount using its Partner Skill. Additionally, it can fire missiles at enemies, both on the ground and in the air. With this Partner Skill, Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in the game and a force to be reckoned with, but as it is one by Palworld four Legendary Friends, it will take some effort to track down and capture it.

2) Elemental enhancement

Some Companion Skills introduce Pal’s element into your attacks, enhancing your damage. Below is a list of these Abilities, based on the factor mentioned:

  • Guardian of the Desert (Anubis): Ground element
  • Modified DNA (shadow mine): Dark element
  • Hard armor (Warsect): Increases fire element and armor
  • Ice War Horse (rime): Ice element
  • Stormbringer lava dragon (Burning of Jormunts): Fire element

3) Penguin Cannon Pengullet's Paldeck page in Palworld.Smile and wave. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can use Pengullet as a rocket launcher that deals high AoE damage. It has an extremely powerful impact, but using it also depletes all of Pengullet’s HP. It is costly but devastating on the battlefield.

There are several other Friends that can be used as weapons through their Partner Skills. This includes Tocotoco’s Egg Bomb Launcher and Jolthog’s electrified blast. However, none do as much damage as Pengullet’s Cannon, which makes it the best choice for dominating an encounter.

4) Lifmunk’s submachine gun

There are also a number of Friends with Companion Skills that you can activate for extra damage in combat. But instead of using them as weapons, they operate independently, which makes them more reliable than the Pengullet Cannon.

Lifmunk’s submachine gun is the most powerful gun in this category. When equipped, Lifmunk will sit cutely on your head and fire its automatic weapon at any enemy you aim at. It’s an easy way to increase damage without you having to think much.

A similar co-op skill is Tanzee’s Assault Rifle. This does more damage than Lifmunk’s SMG, but you can’t change its aim and it’s more likely to miss.

Best partner skills to explore in Palworld

Surf as a pet in Palworld.Surface’s stamina is not reduced when riding on water. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocketpair YouTube

There are several important Partner Skills that help facilitate discovery Palworld.

1) Clear mind (Kitsun)

Clear Mind is definitely the best Discovery Partner Skill in Palworld. It grants the player Kitsun immunity against weather effects in hostile environments, such as extreme temperatures and cold. It can be a game changer in the early game and is still useful when you don’t want to wear specific armor.

2) Antigravity (Moon)

If you’re going on an adventure, you’ll probably collect resources. While there are ways to permanently upgrade your inventory, Lunaris’s Anti-Gravity is a great way to lighten your load. If you have Lunaris in your party, its Partner Skill will “increase [your] maximum carrying capacity with just the right amount.” This is similar to starting Pal Cattiva’s Companion Skill, but Lunaris’s is much More effective.

Best partner skills to assemble Palworld

The player rides Rushoar in Palworld.Makes quick work of the rocks. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Partner skills that help gather information are rare in Palworld, so this category is not difficult to choose from. They are quite situational. Many Cooperative Gathering Skills help Friends spawn crafting materials as they work on the Farm. For example: Lamball and Cremis drop Wool, Mozzarina drops Milk.

They’re pretty useful, but it’s not worth choosing another Friend just because of their Partner Skill, unless you need the material. Here are our picks for Best Friends whose Partner Skills can help you gather more resources while you’re out in the field.

1) Hard head (Rushoar)

Rushoar saves time when collecting Stones, because when you attach it, it can destroy rocks in your path. Simply dash across the rocks to smash them, then turn around and collect all the Rocks they drop.

2) Drill mill (Digtoise)

Digtoise also serves as a mount but is not the fastest mount. The best part is that it helps you collect ore when it’s your active Friend. Its ability, Shell Spin, mines ore very efficiently, making it the perfect ore mining partner.