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Palworld Vaelet locations, skills, and capture methods

If you are in the early stages of Palworld, it’s best to find Friends with many Abilities that are suitable for the Job so they can take care of things in your base. Vaelet is one of them.

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Of the 111 Pals available in Palworld, Vaelet is one of the best you can get in the early game. It has five Abilities suitable for different jobs and is an excellent handyman that can handle a variety of tasks. It doesn’t consume much food and is relatively easy to catch, but isn’t very useful in combat. Vaelet is an ideal base Pal, so here’s how to get one.

Vaelet skills in Palworld

Vaelet's Paldeck page in Palworld.King Pal’s favorite flower. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Vaelet has five Abilities that are relevant to the job: Medicine production level three, Gathering, Crafting and Cultivation level two and Transportation level one. It’s best at making Potions but can also help with other time-consuming chores. Vaelet is easy to maintain as it has low hunger requirements three out of ten.

Vaelet’s partner skill is Purification of Gaia, which is useless in most combat situations. It does Ground Pals drop more items when defeated, this is only slightly helpful. Since it is a Grass-type Pal, it mainly uses Grass-type attacks, but also has some Dark attacks in its arsenal.

Vaelet statisticsElement typeGrassJob suitabilityTransport level one, Cultivation level two, Crafts level two, Harvesting level two, Medicine production level threePartner skillsGaia Purification: When fighting together, Ground Mates drop more items when defeated.Hunger levelMarch 10DropLow-grade medical supplies, Tomato seedsThe most powerful attackSolar Blast – Power: 150, CT: 55

Vaelet’s location is in Palworld

Vaelet is relatively easy to find, as long as you have a flying or swimming Pal at your disposal. This is because the Grass Pal spawns in the first Wildlife Sanctuary, southwest of your default starting location. You can get there by flying or swimming while riding Pal, but if you try to swim there without help, you’ll drown.

Location of the first Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld.The first wildlife sanctuary is located in the south of the map. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to catch Vaelet in Palworld

Getting Vaelet is an easy task once you reach level 15 or so, as Pal appears at level 18. Once you equal or surpass its level, you can easily face it on your own, but having Fire Pals at your disposal will help a lot. No complicated strategies are needed to defeat Vaelet, so just focus on reducing its health and using Pal Sphere when it’s running low.