Blog - February 8, 2024

Palworld players ruthlessly trap Black Marketeer to farm Gold

While the ability to capture human NPCs in Palworld As annoying as it sounds to many, some players have chosen to get creative with the “inhumane” mechanics. This trainer hangs a Black Market Trader from a Hanging Trap and places a Campfire underneath to farm Gold.

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On February 6, one Palworld A player named u/Jjzeng posted a video demonstrating a technique for Gold where they build a Hanging Trap to suspend a Black Market Trader from it and then a Bonfire underneath an NPC to burn them alive. But burning the Black Marketeer caused the NPC to malfunction and struggle vigorously. It’s almost as if the Marketeer is angry at the abuse they endure but can’t do anything about it.

The black marketer wasn’t particularly happy about my money-making techniques
byu/Jjzeng inPalworld

The clip drew a lot of giggles from the community, with players highlighting the irony of being able to trade for the Black Market even while they were being burned alive.

It may sound brutal, but trapping Black Markets and burning them is an effective trick to earn Clear Gold Palworld. Black market sellers will respawn in the same location after they die. Killing them will reward you with 10,000 Gold. So you can save your progress and reload it into the game for the process to repeat, making you instantly rich.

There are 12 Black Market Marketers appearing in Palworld. You can set up the gold farming trick for any of them, but I recommend doing it for the Black Marketer stationed near the Abandoned Mine Shaft of the Desolate Cathedral as he is an easy one to find best.

If you’re worried about becoming inhuman and raising your Wanted level, don’t bother. Black marketeers are considered evil creatures in Palworld; Killing them will help you get free coins. You can also kill them in battle to earn bonuses. But note that they are not easy targets for you to defeat on your own. If you are not over level 40, the trap and burn technique is a better choice, helping you avoid a difficult fight.