Blog - February 6, 2024

Palworld players have the perfect solution to the hassle of assigning Pals

Palworld Players have come up with different ideas since its release. On February 5, a player found a solution to assign Friends in your base.

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A player named Ructstewd came up with the Base Quest for You on Reddit. As the name suggests, the purpose of this project is to manage your Friends’ work suitability and facilitate their tasks. Everyone who has reached the mid-game stage Palworld and their development base knew it would be helpful to have a feature like this.

Ructstewd introduced what it initially looked like. The menu shows all other facilities and has Pals assigned to them. That way, players won’t have to worry about Pals focusing on other types of work in their base.

This feature needs to be added ASAP – Base Assignment to Pal
byu/Ructstewd inPalworld

The best and only method for giving your Friends specific tasks within the base is the “pick up and throw” method. You grab a Friend and throw it in the direction of the job you want them to do. For example, if you want one of them to work in the Stone Pit, you throw it into the Stone Pit.

It sounds simple, but it’s the only way to manage your Friends’ missions in the base, and it’s often frustrating. Sometimes they have high damage output and are assigned to the wrong base or cannot be picked up during a specific mission.

For how Palworld is in early access, there will definitely be more tweaks in the future. We hope a similar management feature will be released soon.