Blog - February 6, 2024

Palworld players have a simple fix for the annoying Pal Spheres feature

All Palworld Players have at least once wasted a Pal Sphere by accidentally pressing the throw button. This can often be frustrating, but one player has come up with a perfect yet simple solution to that problem.

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A Reddit user named Rikashey shared his idea on February 6 to be able to pick up Pal Spheres from the ground if you miss. That way we won’t waste too many of them during gameplay, which will be a lot more useful.

“Too many times have I accidentally thrown my shuttlecock into thin air,” Rikahey wrote. “It would make more sense if it fell to the ground as an item to be picked up.” And I’m sure many players feel the same about Pal Spheres. Additionally, many of them shared their thoughts in the comments section and agreed with the point of view.

A player in Palworld is looking at the blue Pal Sphere on the ground.Additionally, you can find Pal Spheres located all over the world, so why can’t you pick them up for yourself when you miss them? Screenshot of Dot Esports.

“The first 10 hours I played Palworld mostly me mixing up the button for throwing friends and throwing friends balls,” the top comment reads. “This is accompanied by frequent swearing.”

On PC, the default key to throw Pal Sphere is Q, for me personally this key is usually mixed with E, used to summon Pal in your party. I often confuse both buttons and at this point I’ve wasted too many Orbs to count. Luckily, players with more than 150 hours have all confirmed that they experience the same problem, both on PC and Xbox, so it’s comforting that I’m not alone.

At least Pal Spheres aren’t too hard to get outside of the late-game ones, so wasting one or two isn’t too costly. However, there is such a feature in Palworld It will definitely make the game more convenient, and since the game is still in early access, this feature may be added in the future.