Blog - February 7, 2024

Palworld players creatively use the Grappling Gun mechanic to transform their bases

A creation Palworld players used the Grappling Gun mechanic to transform their base by creating an elevator for easier navigation.

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An effective base is vital to your progress in Palworld, While you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the workbenches you need and the Friends you need to keep things running smoothly—it seems like one player has found a solution.

Players fly over their base, where the Pals are hard at work.Makes the base more effective. Screenshot of Dot Esports

In a video picked up by by Palworld official

Instead, a narrow vertical axis is displayed which may seem strange at first glance, but its true function is soon revealed when the player equips the Grapple Gun and levitates to the second level — taking advantage of several benefits. strong position. Palworld physics.

What’s great about this base design is that it seems like all Pals working in the base are limited to the second level, meaning the first level can be used for things that don’t require the Pal to use uses, such as storage. And they can freely gather whatever they need without having to awkwardly encounter hard-working Pals.

This type of form and function was severely lacking in my original home base Palworld, where I quickly outgrew the area I chose, my choices didn’t work and now I’m left with a mess that is all around a nightmare.

The second floor and the Grapple Gun elevator would certainly solve many of those problems. But I still feel like this is going to be a bit messy because there’s no effective way to assign work to Pals Palworld. They have so much freedom that I want them to have.

That might make me sound like a monster, but clearly, you’ve never had the trouble of trying to get to a loot box and finding yourself stopped by a giant Suzaku making bread.