Blog - February 5, 2024

Palworld players create the perfect strategy to take down the Alpha Pals

Take down the Alpha Pals in Palworld may be a chore, but one player has created the perfect strategy.

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Defeat Alpha Pals in Palworld offers a lot of top quality resources, like Parts of Ancient Civilizations, and it can help you earn Legendary Schematics. But they aren’t the easiest enemies to defeat—especially if you’re facing one of the higher-level Alpha Pals on the map.

Secret Palworld is a tower defense game
byu/Jemsona inPalworld

However, the challenge may be a thing of the past, for one Palworld player shared a genius strategy on Reddit that has transformed Palworld into a tower defense game and the result is that the tamed Pals defeat Alpha in record time.

The player used Alpha Jormuntide as bait for the trap, with two bases built near the level 45 Alpha Pal. As soon as the player attacked Alpha Jormuntide, the Pals assigned to each base joined the fight and made overload the poor giant monster, no doubt.

In a later comment, the player explained this was the strategy they adopted to farm the Alpha Pal for the Legendary Diagram, and it involved dropping the Palbox just outside the boss’s perimeter, where the build was blocked. restrain and then lure Alpha there. within.

The two-base strategy shown in the video is not the usual approach, and instead Alpha Jormuntide happens to be close to their base — making this tactic even more useful since you only need one spare base room for it to work.

This can be the optimal strategy for farming Legendary Diagrams, especially if you haven’t assigned a third base. I currently have a main base oriented around Ore farming and another dedicated to livestock farming, and no use for the third base—but I think I’ve now discovered a use for it. its use.