Blog - February 5, 2024

Palworld players are abandoning difficult friends because they ‘ruin the casual experience’

More and more Palworld players seem to be moving away from co-op play with some of their “hardcore” friends as the divide between those who just sit back and enjoy the adventure and those who ‘min-max’ continues to grow growing in viral fever.

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IN Palworld, there are a lot of things you can do and a lot of content for players to enjoy; That means there are lots of different ways to enjoy that content. Some people like to go fast, optimizing every aspect of the experience, while others take their time, explore at will, and enjoy the experience without worrying about which Friend is best. to fight or what job suitability they need to focus on—and these opposing style arguments are starting to cause division in the community at large Palworld fandom.

Some Friends are too cute to not be in your group. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The growing rift has even seen some Palworld players began removing hardcore players from their groups and servers, with these casual players claiming that their more hardcore-focused playmates had shared unexpected truths. want and ruin the game because they don’t think anyone should choose Cute Friends over the best creatures.

Other players are even more dedicated to the normal lifestyle in Palworldeven going so far as to block videos and tutorials on YouTube and Twitch, and hide anything that could be considered “spoilers” about gameplay.

This doesn’t mean that hardcore and casual players can’t play together because they certainly can. As with any game, words Palworld ARRIVE League of Legends, Stardew Valleyor Cover, there is no right or wrong way to play. If your group of friends is made up of casual and professional players, find a balance that works for all of you and enjoy the game for what it is—the world that Pocket Pair has created is designed designed for everyone.

Or perhaps one fan said it best in the original Reddit thread: “Palworld is a very casual-friendly game, with no minimalism whatsoever. Tell [them] Let Chillet go away.”