Blog - February 5, 2024

Palworld players agree that a Sphere type is in dire need of support

An important Pal taming feature in Palworld, Pal Sphere comes in six different types, with Capture Power depending on the type. Interestingly, the game that was supposed to be the best failed to impress the crowd thanks to its poor stats.

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In a Reddit post on February 3, one Palworld players have highlighted the flaws of the Legendary Orb, calling its capture ability “Bullshit.” Unsurprisingly, a significant portion of the community agreed with players’ conclusions regarding Legendary Orbs, with many requesting a buff for the Pal Orb type.

Nonsense, bullshit
byu/Reversalx7 inPalworld

According to its description in Palworld, Legendary Sphere promises a very high Capture Power and “virtually no Pal” can escape its “extremely powerful Capture ability.” However, players have reported that they cannot catch the weakest Pals with it, and they cannot accept its unsatisfactory power. It is a legendary item after all.

One player reported using 12 Legendary Orbs on a level 42 Wumpo and still couldn’t capture it. “Every time it flares up almost immediately. I blew his ass out with my rocket launcher. Damn stupid stuff,” they wrote.

“What really gets me is when it’s 100% shot with this and they deflect it,” another popular comment in the thread pointed out. Well, it seems that no matter what type of Pal Sphere you use, the Pal always has a chance to deflect it, especially if you fail to lower its health beforehand.

IN Palworld, Friends higher level 40 are almost impossible to catch without Legendary Orbs, and you almost always need a lot of them to have any chance of catching them. Therefore, it is wise to carry at least 10 to 15 Legendary Orbs before committing to a level 40 or higher Pal. Of course, the Legendary Orb shouldn’t be this weak, but the poor Capture Rate could be due to a bug related to the Scarecrow of Lifmunk and the Statue of Strength, as one player explained in this post. For now, you might want to hold off on donating those effigies to the statue.

Whether it’s a needed buff or just a bug fix, Pocketpair really needs to do something so the legendary orbs don’t meet expectations in Palworld.