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Palworld Maraith location, skills, and capture

Most friends in Palworld can be caught regardless of the time of day, but not Maraith.

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Killing is a rideable Dark-type Pal. On top of that, its special Partner Skill will enhance your attacks, making it one of the most dangerous and useful Friends to have in your Party. However, not many players have caught it so far as it only appears at certain times of the day and in specific locations to boot.

Maraith’s skills in Palworld

Because it is a Dark-type Pal, Maraith mainly possesses it Dark-type abilityEven so, it has a few Also of the fire type. It’s incredibly powerful in combat, and that’s definitely where it shines the most. Due to weak job suitability—that is Collect level two and Mining level one—it’s hardly useful in your base.

Maraith's Pal menu at Palworld.Ghostly. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Maraith can be riddenand its Partner Skills, Messenger of deathincrease attack and change their type to Dark when mounted. Therefore, if you are looking for a Friend that excels in both combat and movement, Maraith is a perfect choice.

Maraith’s statisticsElement typeDarkJob suitabilityCollect level two, Mining level onePartner skillsDeath Messenger: Significantly increases the player’s attack and changes the player’s damage type to Dark when riding Maraith.Hunger levelMarch 10DropBones, Soul, little friendThe most powerful attackNightmare Orb – Power: 100, CT: 30

Location of Maraith in Palworld

Maraith can be found in most snow biomes, is a large landmass in the north of the map. But, it only spawns at nightSo if you intend to hunt during the day, you need to wait a bit.

Maraith's location in Palworld.You need to go to the northern snow biome at night to find Maraith. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to catch Maraith in Palworld

Maraith will not be easy to catch for low level players, because of it mainly spawns around level 39 or 40. So you should try to catch it if you are at least level 35. Even then, it’s best to Bring some Dragon-type Friends with youExtremely effective against Dark Friends like Maraith.

Maraith regularly reproduce in groups of three, so your best strategy is to hang out with your Friends. That way, Maraith can focus your allies, while you damage them with your weapon from the side. Make sure to bring some Pal Spheres in the mid or late game, such as Hyper Pal Spheres, so your capture rate is high enough to capture Maraith without any problems.