Blog - February 7, 2024

Palworld February 6th Patch Finally Fixes Major Lifmunk Effigy, Returning Saves After Crash

Pocketpair is releasing patches quickly to address this by Palworld the biggest problems, with the latest update suffering some major problems, including a nasty bug affecting the key capture mechanism and many other game-breaking issues.

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Following one of the game’s biggest patches, Palworld Players can finally rest easy knowing that the increased capture power that comes with using the Lifmunk Effigies you collect will actually work as intended with the release of version Previously, the capture probability displayed after using a Lifmunk Effigy would only apply visually and did not increase the chance of catching your Friend due to an “internal processing error” that has now been fixed.

Lifmunk holding a weapon in PalworldYou can finally put down your proverbial Lifmunk machine gun. Image via Pocketpair

Additionally, Pocketpair has now patched the bug that caused the game to crash and corrupt save data when the number of Pals captured by a guild reached exactly 7,000 on any given server. The last patch resolved the freezing issue but now, if your saves are corrupted due to this issue, applying this patch will allow you to upload them without any problems.

Several other major bugs have also been patched, including a bug where equipped weapons would disappear in multiplayer if the player used a grenade. The basic bugs mentioned here will prevent Pals assigned to livestock farms from falling asleep and never waking up, and also fixes an issue where Pals chopping down trees would not drop wood.

Pocketpair also implements additional protections against fraud and exploits, although the developers never provided full details about those measures. For example, one of the newest ones Palworld Patches worked to fix exploits where hacked items and other exploitable bugs could actually be used to steal other players’ Friends on main servers awake.

Now this relatively large Version patch is out Palworld server, the waiting process will begin for the next update. We hope it will arrive next week.