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Palworld dungeon explained: Boss, how to find, rewards

Dungeons are equivalent to internal raids Palworld, gives you and your friends a maze to explore with waves of enemies to overcome to reach the ultimate reward. For those taking on their first dungeon wanting to find out what they can expect, let us break it down for you.

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Palworld dungeon locations

Here is a map of them all Palworld Dungeon location on Palagos island.

Map of dungeon locations in Palworld.

What is the dungeon in there? Palworld

Palworld Dungeons are scattered throughout the map and offer challenging areas for you, your friends, and possibly your friends to overcome. Although these dungeons act as a challenge, they give players incredible rewards after defeating the dungeon boss. For a solo player, cave dungeons are something most people will avoid. Meanwhile, for many players, it is something to be excited about.

Dungeon rewards included experience, unlocking tech trees, access to higher-level areas to discover new creatures, and even rare Friends.

How to find caves in dungeons Palworld

Very cold. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Dungeons can be found around password map like Big black cave. Heading towards these areas will present the option to raid on your own or be ready to join friends.

You cannot join an ongoing raid and after you defeat a raid, a whole new raid Randomly generated dungeons will replace it after many hours of real time have passed.

How to navigate the inner dungeon Palworld

Where to navigate? Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once you enter a dungeon, the easiest way to get out is to turn around and exit the dungeon the way you came. This may sound obvious, but the deeper you go into the maze, the more difficult this task becomes.

Tip: Draw a map!

Before you move forward, grab a piece of paper and Draw a physical map. Scribble your starting location on it and keep track of where you’re going, so you not only know where you’ve been but also where to get back.

Dungeons are large, mapless areas with countless turns and paths there is no clear direction about where you should go. However, in every dungeon there is a person in the middle. central area in the center. Each path can be a dead end or lead to some treasure.

Playing in multiplayer mode is the best way to explore one Palworld dungeons, as you can subdivide and cover more ground. Luckily, you can still ride your mount while in a dungeon, so if you have a fast mount like Fenglope, it’s up to you to ride around until you find the exit. You should enter dungeons with fast mounts to explore faster.

How to escape the dungeon in Palworld

The only way to escape one Palworld dungeon is by:

  • Finish your in-game character so you can respawn outside.
  • Defeat the dungeon boss.
  • Know exactly where the exit is.

The ultimate goal of the inner dungeon Palworld?

Alpha dungeon boss. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You’ll know you’ve reached the end of the dungeon when you encounter one Wide open space with alpha version of one of over 100 Pals is your ultimate opponent. Defeating or capturing Pal is the ultimate challenge these dungeons will encounter and can be a pain depending on the level difference between you and the dungeon and whether you’re playing with friends or not .

Preparing enough weapons and ammo is ideal to be able to take down these bosses. Otherwise, all previous concerns will become meaningless.

Palworld Dungeon rewards

Dungeon escape and rewards. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Palworld Dungeon rewards include spells, rare gems, experience, and Alpha Pals that you can fight and capture. Alpha Pal is a great prize because dungeon crawling is the only way to get unique Alpha Pals outside of world bosses. So make the most of these Palworld Dungeon.

Now the real reward is the exit portal. Click it! Fast! Let’s return to the surface to explore and catch some Pal!

DO Palworld Dungeon respawn?

Correct, Palworld dungeon respawns every 10 minutes in the real world. You will be able to re-enter the dungeon 10 minutes after defeating the boss. This allows you to defeat Palworld Boss the dungeon again as well as get loot and experience again!

Some dungeons will appear closed. This means the clock has run out about 200 minutes. It will be blocked and this will open up other dungeons around the world. Newer areas will most likely have open dungeons while older areas will have closed dungeons.

You should do these dungeons again to level up quickly.