Blog - February 5, 2024

Palworld connection timeout error explained

When Palworld was released on Xbox and PC, fans flooded the live servers and some received Internal connection timeout error Palworld.

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The solution to this error depends on the exact time you get it as it can sometimes pop up when launching the game or when setting up a co-op multiplayer session.

How to fix Connection Timed Out error in Palworld

Palworld's Connection Timed Out error screen in the gameIt’s a long error but the timeout stands out. Screenshot of Dot Esports Tip:

Palworld is an early access game so in-game content is subject to change; Therefore, there may be many more causes for this error. As the game progresses with more updates and eventually a full release, this article will update it with it when possible.

Wait until Pocket Pair repairs the server

If you receive a Connection Timeout error on launch Palworldyou will have to wait until Pocket Pair brings its servers back online unless you have local connectivity problems. In such times, you can check Palworldsocial media channels as developers update players on server outages. This is the case of the power outage on January 19, 2024 when Palworld stopped working because the server provider could not meet demand.

Allow Palworld bypass your Firewall

Your firewall may block it Palworld and causes Connection Time Out error. Allow Palworld bypassing your Firewall is required, so run it as administrator.

Restart Palworld

You can also try reboot Palworld because this error may appear many times and then disappear.

Restart your router

Connection times out could mean there’s a problem with your Internet. Restart your router or call your ISP to inquire about ongoing maintenance if your network is up and running.

Try to play Palworld offline

If you can boot Palworld but getting this error when trying to create a multiplayer session, you should try playing Palworld offline. Turn off multiplayer and try reloading into your session.

Change your world settings in Palworld

Additionally, you can change some of your world settings to see if it makes a difference, but this error is mainly related to Palworldserver’s status.

Join a less crowded server

Trying to join a server with a smaller number can ensure the connection you need goes much more smoothly. This method always makes the experience for both parties less demanding.

Make sure Palworld is fully updated

If Palworld need to update then that may cause your error. The new update may cause your existing game files to not communicate properly with Pocket Pair’s servers.

Tip: This error comes in many different forms

Internal connection timeout error Palworld appeared in many forms for me, making my search for a fix quite difficult. Sometimes, it’s one Online session errorbut there are also times when I get random error codes.

Errors are an inevitable part of gaming in general, and there are others, like error code 0x803F8001 and black screen error, that can appear for players in rare cases.

Luckily, you know everything you need about the Connection Timed Out error in Palworld. Nothing.