Esports News - Overwatch 2 - February 8, 2024

OW 2 Season 9 Points to Massive Meta Chaos

Overwatch’s new season, Season 9, is coming soon! This batch of new content for the game isn’t a complete mystery, but there are already plenty of OW 2 Season 9 leaks. From controversial hero changes to a new Moira Mythic skin, we already have a lot to look forward to once the new update releases. Taking a look at the Overwatch Season 9 leaks can give you a good idea of ​​what’s coming soon. This means Blizzard is making major adjustments to gameplay, such as a new self-healing feature. But there’s also some lighter content, like new Mythic skins for classic support characters. These leaks seem pretty accurate so far, but what can we expect once the new season begins?

OW 2 Season 9 Leaks – Moira Myth Skin LeakOW 2 Season 9 Leaks – Moira Myth Skin Leak

Source: @LaserLazuli

OW 2 Season 9 Leaks

With the current Overwatch season coming to a close soon, we’re starting to take a look at what the next season will have in store. This season will be one that will feature major adjustments to the game’s balance for quite some time, along with some skins based on the Eldritch mythos. New leaked information about Overwatch Season 9.

Moira Mythical Skin Leaked

One of the most recent leaks comes from an anonymous Twitter account showing a new skin for Moira that will be released next season. This will be the Mythic skin of the season. It’s the top of the line battle pass, but it’s a step above in terms of customization. This season it will be Moira’s skin. The skin uses this season’s Eldritch theme to showcase the character’s monstrous appearance.

Along with the Moira mythic skin leak, new skins for Reinhardt and Torbjorn will also be released. Both of these will be part of the Season 9 Battle Pass. Even though it won’t be on the list of rarest Overwatch skins anytime soon, the new skin will be fun for support players.

Overwatch Season 9 Leaks – Planned Balance Changes

Cosmetics are changing. But the really big news is the leaked Overwatch Season 9 patch notes. This includes some major changes for the upcoming season. Here are the major changes leaked so far:

  • PvE Events – Part of the OW Season 9 leak is the inclusion of new PvE. This mission focuses on Moira.
  • Para rework – This classic hero’s wallpaper will be reworked. According to Overwatch esports players, it increases stamina and increases rocket speed.
  • new abilities – A new ability for Pharah, Jet Dash, is planned. It is a means of transportation.
  • projectile – Projectile size will be increased and movement speed will be slower.
  • Hitscan spread – Overall increases by 0.05.
  • health – The health of all heroes is adjusted by 15-20%.
  • Final Cost – I think this will go up by about 10%
    Self-Healing – Adding heroes to limit their dependence on their team can be controversial.

These are some of the more common changes included in the Overwatch Season 9 leak. However, some specific changes are planned for heroes as well. In most cases, it increases defense or stamina. However, there will also be changes in damage.

These changes coming in the latest season are some of the biggest changes since the launch of Overwatch 2. There’s a lot going on in gaming right now, with a new format of OW esports also taking off. But it remains to be seen how these changes will play out. Leaks could change everything before we actually see the release.