Blog - February 7, 2024

Overwatch 2 teases Cowboy Bebop collaboration—and fans are already loving the character’s costume possibilities

From the very first moment, the iconic siren of “Tank” rang out from the jukebox on Route 66, watch out 2 fans couldn’t contain their excitement at one’s tease Cowboy bebop cross.

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No official word or announcement about the collaboration has been shared yet, but the song’s presence in the season nine trailer along with the blatant Western movie style of the teaser could only mean a collaboration. between watch out 2 and the upcoming beloved anime series. With a deep fandom of Cowboy bebopApparently this potential collaboration will probably be the one Overwatch 2 Most commonly, likes can be removed A Punch Man And Diablo the skins were in the game before. And the best part? There are now very clear and solid choices about the collaborative interface between characters in the game.

The most obvious is the costume most likely to be teased in the trailer: Cassidy as Spike Spiegel. Although that’s not certain of Overwatch The resident cowboy will become a space cowboy, it seems certain with the sounds of footsteps accented by spurs in the trailer and the appearance of two legs wearing what looks like a pair of vest pants.

There’s also the fact that the trailer takes place on Route 66, Cassidy’s natural home, and the Western/Space Western crossover this collaboration will feature. And then, of course, watch out, take precautions fans also noted some additional similarities between the two characters that made the matches seem natural — even if they weren’t completely canon.

Cassidy as Spike makes a lot of sense

— Warning (@WarnTV) February 7, 2024

Fans were also quick to guess the other characters, and a lot of it made sense based on the similarities in physical and personality traits. Radical Edward’s diminutive body and frenetic energy seem like the ideal combination for Tracer, but it could also be the character skin Blizzard decides to experiment with with Kiriko. Jet Black has some reasonable options in the cast to consider suitable, with Doomfist being a possible choice thanks to their similar cybernetic arms, while Reinhardt could also be a fit if the creators developers wanted to focus more on Jet’s hair and facial scars.

Then there’s Faye Valentine. Many fans have noted how Ashe could have gotten the skin for the seductive rogue if Cassidy was actually Spike Spiegel, but Faye’s amnesia on the show and her signature purple hair she seems a better fit for Widowmaker.

There are a few more characters that can join the game. ARE NOT Cowboy bebop the collaboration would be complete without Ein, the genetically modified corgi. Maybe Brigitte will get to hold a corgi instead of her cat, or Wrecking Ball could have a new furry pilot at the helm. Vicious also seems like a great character to include watch out 2because there is already a character in the game that uses a katana.

Regardless of the look that comes from the potential collaboration, one thing is clear—our wallets may not like us for what we’re about to do with them. watch out 2 season nine premieres on February 13.