Blog - February 7, 2024

Overwatch 2 season 9: Champions will bring big changes next week, along with new Mythic Moira skin

Overwatch 2 season nine is called Champions and its new trailer shows off what players can expect when it launches next week.

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Today’s trailer shows off and confirms a series of changes and additions to the OW2 in the new season, which is themed around a complete competitive rework and a ranking reset for all players. Progress will now track game by game, rather than after a certain number of wins or losses.

Reinhardt, Reaper, and Mercy all wield their Hard Light weapons.Is your squad ready? Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Champions will include some other big changes to Competitive Play in OW2includes a brand new tier called Ultimate that’s even higher than Grandmaster, changes to grouping restrictions, and a Jade weapon skin for players to use their Competitive Points.

The new Mythic skin this season is Ancient Caller Moira, and several new shop skins will appear in the game as shown in the trailer, such as Valentine’s Day themed skins, includes the return of Cupid Hanzo and an adorable new outfit featuring none other than Reaper.

Mythical Moira Skin Ancient Caller in OW2Legends this season is amazing. Screenshot of Dot Esports

A new mode for Hero Mastery called Gauntlet is also included, where players can team up to defend towers from robotic enemies as various heroes in a PvE environment.

The full patch notes for the update will appear alongside season nine next week, but a purported leak via an earlier season watch out, take precautions Alliance players point to a complete overhaul of the entire hero roster.

While Blizzard has previously confirmed that tanks and damage dealers will have passive self-healing abilities like supports, leaked notes also point to changes to projectile size and speed, changes to health values ​​(HP, armor, and shields) for most tanks. list and even some new possibilities.

Overwatch 2 season nine, Champions, will air next week on February 13 on all platforms.