Blog - February 5, 2024

Olympus returns to Apex’s map rotation in season 20 along with Storm Point and World’s Edge

Apex Legends’ The fifth anniversary might be a reason to celebrate—especially if you’re a fan of a certain floating city. Olympus is back on the menu, Respawn Entertainment confirmed at a press event last week.

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Olympus is coming back Top with Storm Point and World’s Edge in season 20, replacing the iconic and controversial inaugural map Kings Canyon. However, this is not a very long absence for Olympus. It’s been out of business for just over a month since the latest rotation.

A wide view of the Storm Point map in Apex Legends.Storm Point appears here again. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 19 kicked off with Storm Point, Broken Moon, and Olympus. The latter two maps were removed from the group on January 9, losing their positions to Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Solace Arena temporarily returned to rotation in the mid-season update, but this time it will return to the bench.

World’s Edge, one of the by Apex The most consistent map, which also remains after its January release, so players still have a little more time to enjoy the game’s second location.

Storm Point, on the other hand, survived the latest round of map surgery in season 19, surviving the entire season in the pool. The developers touched on the map on a larger scale at the start of Ignite, but the January patch also addressed minor weaknesses in the arena.

These three maps will definitely last at least until the middle of season 20, called Breakout, when respawns can change what’s on the table. Until then, however, players can try out the sweeping gameplay tweaks along the way — including a massive rework of how Evo works and the introduction of a legendary upgrade system. phone.

You may also notice some new decorations in each arena. Top After all, it’s turning five years old and Respawn is celebrating with an anniversary event and more. by Apex The 20th season, Breakout, begins February 13.