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The Google Pixel Watch 2 is one of our favorite smartwatches, offering subtle yet smart improvements over the first generation, including better battery life and a more accurate heart rate sensor. Now that we’re familiar with Google’s latest wearable, we can’t help but think about the future Pixel Watch 3. It may still be a few months until the existence of the Pixel Watch 3 is officially confirmed. All you need is specific information about its functionality. But rumors are starting to spread, and there are plenty of ways you can use the Pixel Watch 3. could do Please keep this in mind. Here’s what we know about Google’s next wearable and what we want.

Rumors and what we know so far

The Pixel Watch 2 has only been out for a few months, but we’re already starting to hear rumors about the next generation. The first real rumors came in mid-January. Citing “sources familiar with the matter,” 9to5Google reports that the Pixel Watch 3 will be released in two sizes, addressing a major shortcoming of the first two generations.

9to5 didn’t provide any details about the sizes we might see, but it’s clear that the second size option will be larger than the first two Pixel Watch generations, each measuring 41mm wide. Considering the size options offered by Google’s competitors, we expect the larger Pixel Watch to come in 45mm or 46mm.

It’s promising information, but it still leaves a lot to the imagination. It is not yet known whether other shortcomings will be resolved.

what we want

Currently, we know very little about the upcoming Pixel Watch 3, and what we’ve heard so far is based on rumors. But after using the first two generations of Pixel Watch extensively, we have a lot of hope for the next generation. Here’s what I’d most like to see changed in the Pixel Watch 3.

refresh the design

Arm wearing Google Pixel Watch and Google Pixel Watch 2.

Google Pixel Watch and Google Pixel Watch 2 share the same unique look with only minor details that differentiate them. It’s an eye-catching design. The domed display glass and pebble-like shape make this a watch that’s hard to confuse with anything else.

The design is striking, but almost completely unchanged between the first two Pixel Watch generations. The design is still unique and the Pixel Watch 2 hardly looks dated. Nonetheless, we hope to see more noticeable improvements in hardware design for the Pixel Watch 3.

It would be nice to see Google do something about those chunky display bezels. Google’s design language hides this well, but the watch’s screen-to-body ratio is lower than what you’d get from options like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. The design will be a small bezel that makes the display cover more of the front of the watch. Win on Pixel Watch 3.

Brighter display

Google Pixel Watch 2 with blue band.

It would be nice to see a new design with smaller display bezels, but the display inside those bezels could use an update. The display on the Pixel Watch 2 looks good. Still, its maximum brightness of 1,000 nits falls short of the levels available in competing wearable devices. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series and Apple Watch Series 9 both offer much better visibility in sunlight at 2,000 nits. If the Pixel Watch 3 is to compete with other high-end wearable options, Google will need to step it up in terms of display quality.

Two size options

Purple and White Google Pixel Watch 2 3D Printed Charging Stand

Both generations of Pixel Watch are only available in one size: 41mm. It’s a decent small to medium size, but Samsung and Apple offer watches in a variety of sizes. The Galaxy Watch 6 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, while the Apple Watch Series 9 is available in 41mm and 45mm variants.

Google may have to be clever with its proprietary band mechanism to make this happen. The Pixel Watch 3 should come in a larger size, around 44mm. The larger watch offers better battery life and will likely appeal to those who thought the existing Pixel Watch 2 wasn’t big enough.

If January rumors are to be believed, the Pixel Watch 3 may only come in two sizes. But we don’t yet know what size it will be.

Better battery life

Google Pixel Watch placed on a tan textured surface

The original Pixel Watch had disappointing battery life. With the always-on display enabled, the watch generally struggled to be used throughout the day and night. I had to charge it twice a day to reliably track my sleep throughout the night. Google has made major improvements in the second generation. The Pixel Watch 2 can be left off the charger for 24 hours without any issues.

Even 24-hour battery life is decent these days. In some cases, the smaller Galaxy Watch 6 can be used for 36 hours. Some watches can be used for 2 or 3 days before needing to be charged. If Google wants to keep pace with its competitors, the Pixel Watch 3 needs to last longer between charges. 36 hours for the standard Watch 3 and 48 hours for the virtual 44mm model? We can dream.

Just keep your Fitbit charger.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is placed face down on a wooden surface with a charger next to it.

Pixel Watch 2 uses a pin-based magnetic charger. This is a slightly controversial change from the original Pixel Watch’s wireless charging. It’s annoying that the two watches use different chargers. It would be better to switch back to the standard on the Pixel Watch 3.

The charger that ships with the Pixel Watch 2 uses the same hardware as the chargers for Fitbit’s Versa and Sense trackers, so there are a lot of Pixel Watch 2 compatible chargers floating around. Unless there’s a compelling reason to change chargers again, for example, much faster charging speeds, future Pixel Watch models should stick with the same charging standard for as long as possible. Asking your customers to buy a new charger with each new hardware generation is not a good idea. Look at.

Pixel Watch A-Series

Hand holding Google Pixel Buds A-Series earphones in case

After the Pixel Watch 2 was released, Google offered the first-generation Pixel Watch as a cheaper alternative. With Google working to improve the existing Pixel Watch 2 for its future flagship wearable device, it would be interesting to see it improve upon the existing device to create a more affordable entry-level Pixel Watch device.

Google is no stranger to this practice. Budget-friendly products like the Pixel 7a and Pixel Buds A-Series are stripped-down versions of premium devices. Google needs to push the envelope with its flagship product, Pixel Watch 3. A watch with much of the DNA of the first two generations (large bezel around the 30Hz display, decent but not great battery life, repurposed older chipset, etc.) makes perfect sense as the mid-range Pixel Watch A-Series for under $250. And at that price, it would be a great Android analog to the sub-flagship Apple Watch SE.

When will Pixel Watch 3 be released?

Given Google’s wearable launch cadence, it’s unlikely we’ll hear much official information about a potential Pixel Watch 3 until later this year. However, assuming Google doesn’t change its strategy, the Pixel Watch 3 is likely to be released in October this year. The Pixel Watch was announced and released in October 2022, with the second generation released in October 2023. This is a very clear pattern.

Both previous Pixel Watch generations retailed for $350 during their respective launch periods, and the Pixel Watch 3 is expected to sport a similar price tag. If there is actually a larger size option this year, it will undoubtedly be more expensive than the smaller model. For comparison, the 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 retails for $30 more than the smaller 40mm version. Pricing of $350 and $400 for the two sizes (with the option to pay extra for LTE connectivity, of course) seems reasonable. But for now, this is just an educated guess.

Ideally, we’ll know more about the Pixel Watch 3 soon. In the meantime, the Pixel Watch 2 is still a good option. If you have one, check out our top recommendations for screen protectors to keep them looking fresh, and customize the look and feel with additional straps.

Google Pixel Watch 2 white background angle Google Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch 2 is an amazing and feature-packed Wear OS watch. With all-day battery life, fast performance, and a beautiful design, the Pixel Watch 2 is one of our favorites right now. Still, we can’t help but think about how the next generation can be better.