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News and expected pricing, release date, specs; And more rumors

Following the launch of two other Pixel-branded smartwatches, Google seems ready to deliver annual updates to its wearables. Nothing is official yet, but it’s likely that the Pixel Watch 3 will launch in late 2024 and will likely come in two sizes rather than a single one. The larger size allows for a larger screen and longer battery life.

When will Pixel Watch 3 be released?

Based on how Google launched the first two Pixel Watches, we can expect the Pixel Watch 3 release date to coincide with the Pixel 9 launch. However, as with all rumors so early in the game, Google hasn’t announced anything yet, so we’re not sure when the watch will arrive.

Lifewire’s release date estimate

Look for the Pixel Watch 3 this October.

Google Pixel Watch 3 price rumors

The first two Pixel Watches started at $349.99. This is likely how Google will price its next smartwatch. Of course, you can expect to pay about $50 more for LTE.

So the only cost difference this year is if there are additional sizes. It’s fair to expect larger watches to cost more. For example, with Samsung, a 4mm size increase will add $30 to your bill. We can only hope that Google doesn’t exceed this.

For this you can look at the following prices:

  • Pixel Watch 3(41mm): $349.99
  • Pixel Watch 3 (41mm/LTE): $399.99
  • Pixel Watch 3(45mm): $379.99
  • Pixel Watch 3 (45mm/LTE): $429.99

Pre-Order Information

You can pre-order the Pixel Watch 3 from the Google Store. I’ll post a link here once pre-orders go live, probably around the first week of October.

Google Pixel Watch 3 Specifications and Features

The battery life of the Pixel Watch 2 has increased compared to the first version. This update was much needed but could still be improved. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 lasts about 30 hours with Always-on Display enabled, while Google claims its Pixel Watch 2 can last 24 hours.

We’re hoping the Pixel Watch 3 will feature a larger battery to maximize long-term use. If the rumors about a larger watch are true, this is possible. 9to5Google’s According to sources, two Pixel Watch 3 sizes are in development.

As the watch gets larger, the screen also enlarges, making Wear OS apps easier to use. This is another issue that many people have had with both of their existing watches. They are too small. The one size option doesn’t make this watch a good fit for the different wrist sizes we all have.

The larger size would raise the bar to the point where the Pixel Watch 3 would be a strong competitor among watches from other companies. For example, the Galaxy Watch 6 has a 47mm option, while the Pixel Watch has been stuck at 41mm for the past two years. Not to mention the massive Apple Watch Ultra 2 with its 49mm case. We doubt Google will match Apple’s offering, so we’re expecting at least a second model in addition to the 41mm size. draw close There’s a lot of competition, so a 45mm option may be possible.

According to a patent application called Gesture Recognition on Watch Bezel Using Strain Gauges, Google may do away with all buttons on its smartwatches. When this technology comes to the Pixel Watch 3, you’ll be able to use gestures like tapping, swiping, or squeezing the side of the watch to execute specific actions or open apps. The patent supports this not only for user-friendly reasons, but also for aesthetic purposes and to make waterproofing easier.


There’s no word yet on whether Google will change the charging method for this watch again. The first two watches use two different chargers. Our guess? The Pixel Watch 3 comes with the same magnetic pin charger as the PW2.

So what about bands? At around $50 a pop, Google’s watch bands are another cost to consider, so hopefully the Pixel Watch 3 will support existing bands.

As images leak (hopefully) and we get closer to the October event, we’ll know more about the Pixel Watch 3 hardware. On the software side, there’s also Wear OS 5.

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