Esports News - February 7, 2024

New massive CS2 update adds new cases, skins, Arms Race, and more

After an update drought in recent months, Valve has returned to CS2 with a massive new update that adds tons of content to the game, as well as some tweaks to the general gameplay.

There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s take a closer look at all the changes in the February 7th CS2 update.

New CS2 updateNew CS2 update

Credit: Daniel Morris

New CS2 Case: Kilowatt Case

I’ve been waiting a long time for the new CS2 case. The most recent addition was the Revolution Case, which arrived in February 2023. kilowatt case It’s released with 17 new CS2 skins to spice up your loadouts. These skins are all community created and represent the best skins the Steam Workshop has to offer.

What adds to the excitement kukri knife, comes with 12 original knife finishes and a variety of new custom animations. Oh, and now there’s a Zeus skin too. All of this arrives with: ambush sticker capsuleWe provide 21 community-created stickers that can be applied to your weapons.

Arms Race, Shooting and Baggage

A long-loved work is back! After the release of CS2, arms raceA game mode has arrived where you have to kill enemies to advance from one weapon to the next. Along with the mode, Valve brought back the maps. filming and baggageThis is currently only available in Arms Race after becoming part of the CS:GO mode.

While competitive CS2 is the highlight for many, it’s good to see that Valve is also committed to the casual side of the game. This is where the community grows, and all of Counter-Strike benefits as a result. This is a big step towards feature parity with CS:GO, so we hope this trajectory continues in the next few updates.

custom sticker placement

Perhaps the biggest new additions in the new update are: custom sticker placement, there is also a fifth sticker slot for the weapon. Since the launch of CS:GO, sticker slots have been limited to four in pre-designated locations. Anymore! Now you can move your stickers wherever you want, opening up the possibilities for your CS2 sticker crafting forever.

Obviously, the full potential of this feature won’t be realized for some time as gamers come to terms with what’s possible with the new system. The Counter-Strike community has explored every possible way to create a phallic design, leading to this hilarious response from Valve:

However, we are confident that this change will forever change the way sticker crafting works in CS2 and bring positive changes to the existing system.

Picker’s Advantage Modification

Gameplay-wise, this is the change that pros will be most excited about. A new CS2 update claims to have fixed one of the big factors preventing CS:GO’s near-perfect gunplay: picker advantage. In CS2, the latency made it too easy to swing into a corner and get an easy kill. It appears that this issue has now been resolved, at least according to initial reports. Here’s Apeks rifleman STYKO’s take on X’s situation:

“I actually got two kills today when I got the angle, so I think it’s an improvement.” – Stico

If Picker’s Advantage were truly fixed, it would make a huge difference to the meta. However, there are concerns that the changes during IEM Katowice 2024 could see teams making deep runs punished. This is due to the Copenhagen Major RMR starting just a few days after IEM Katowice. There are understandable concerns that Katowice playoff teams may have trouble adjusting to the new patch with shorter practice times than those already eliminated.

Either way, this is a temporary problem. It looks like Valve has addressed one of CS2’s biggest problems, putting the game in a much healthier place overall.