Esports News - January 31, 2024

New looks and modes for Overwatch’s Year of the Dragon event

Many players will be waiting for the new season of Overwatch to begin. But first, we have a pretty big event to kick off the year. Today, Overwatch’s Year of the Dragon update was just released! The annual Lunar New Year event is back. This time around there are fun game modes, challenges, and even some cosmetic items to earn.

Overwatch’s current season has had its share of twists and turns, but there’s plenty of room for optimism with the announcement of a new format for OW esports and the start of a new season that promises big changes in just a few weeks. First, there is the Year of the Dragon event. These smaller events were very popular during Overwatch 1. Even though the game is currently seasonal, Blizzard has continued to release it on the same schedule. What’s changed with Overwatch’s Year of the Dragon update, and what can you do during the event?

Overwatch Year of the Dragon EventOverwatch Year of the Dragon Event

Source: Blizzard

Overwatch Year of the Dragon Event

OW 2024 Lunar New Year event has started. This year is the year of the dragon. At OW we always get New Year themed cosmetics. The overall event has several different branches of content.

Prop Hunt is back with a new mode.

The limited-time prop hunt mode is back. Pranks and Magic first appeared in Season 5. This time it’s a little bigger. You still have Kiriko hiding as a prop. But now you’re looking for Lunar New Year props on the updated map. Genji will now take damage even if he fails to search with a melee attack. This will make things a little more difficult for the search team this time around.

Overwatch Year of the Dragon Arcade Mode

A new arcade mode has arrived for Overwatch’s Year of the Dragon event. There’s a standard Capture the Flag back, but there’s also a newer version that’s faster. This is Capture the Flag Blitz. Players must move faster and be able to outlast the time limit. Another returning mode is Bounty Hunter.

Overwatch Year of the Dragon ModeOverwatch Year of the Dragon Mode

Source: Blizzard

New challenges and rewards

If you’re still binge-watching the Battle Pass before the OW season ends, there’s a new quest to help you out. This challenge can unlock up to 50,000 bonus XP. You’ll also be rewarded with a Dragon Dance spray. Every hero has one of these. A new title is also coming for Prop Hunt players.

new skin

This Lunar New Year skin will mainly be released in stores. Starting next week, new cosmetic items will be released for D.Va, Bastion, and Mercy.

The Lunar New Year event runs until February 19th! If you’re worried about the upcoming OW self-healing changes, this mod could be a fun distraction before we see the big overhaul coming soon.