Reviews - February 1, 2024

‘Navy Blue’ and ‘Emerald’ Could Be Heading to Apple’s Spring 2024 Accessory Refresh

An image has been released that purports to depict some of the potential color options for Apple’s spring 2024 accessories refresh. MacRumors The forums give you a preview of what to expect.

Spring 2024 Apple Watch Band
This information is available to Apple Watch band collectors and MacRumors A forum member known as “mikedop” explained that the Sports Loop device pictured originated in China. mikedop’s source referred to the colors as “navy blue” and “emerald”, but also noted that these names may not be the official titles. Historically, the exact names of Apple’s new color options have often been lost in translation before release.

Apple has been known to prototype roughly twice as many new color options than actually ship, so it’s not yet known whether these options have been approved. Apple’s annual spring refresh of accessory colors will likely launch in early March, along with new iPhone 15 color options.

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