Blog - February 1, 2024

MW3 Zombies season 2 will add story missions, new Rift, Schematics and mid-season Warlord

With season two of Modern warfare 3 launches next week, a new wave of content for MW3 Zombies, or MWZwill overwhelm players in open world PvE mode.

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Second season of CoD:MW3 will introduce a trio of challenges to overcome in Zombies but will also offer some new special tools to complete them. With the introduction of zombies into the core multiplayer and the appearance of characters from Zombie As an operator, it’s safe to say that this will be an important season for MW3 Zombies.

Chemical weapons expert and MW3 Zombies warlord Keres.Let’s strangle them. Image via Activision

A new act of story missions will launch in part two, seemingly culminating in a mission that takes you into the Rift with expert guide Sergei Ravenov and forces you to face both the End the results of both zombies and Terminus. Each mission in the new action-packed story will come with its own rewards, including possible XP and One-Time Transformations.

The second Dark Aether Rift will be available in part two. According to Activision, players will face “alarming aberrations” and search for both clues and escape while exploring “The largest infested stronghold ever.” The second Dark Aether Rift will have some special rewards to find, most notably in the Diagram for the rarest, most classified items.

Speaking of Schemes, three new Classification Schemes join the mix MW3 Zombie arsenal. Mags of Holding allows ammunition to be loaded directly from the magazine into your weapon, reducing the need to constantly reload. The Blood Burner Key allows you to instantly summon the Blood Burner Wonder Vehicle. Finally, the V-R11 Wonder Weapon can be crafted using the new Classification Scheme.

However, players will have to wait for the next mid-season update before they can take on Keres, the new Warlord. Keres will be present at their new fortress in Killhouse at Orlov Military Base and her chemical gas compound will serve as the primary deterrent. You will need to bring at least one spare gas mask.

MW3 Season two will begin on February 7.