Blog - February 1, 2024

MW3 Zombies may finally get a new map in part 2

Zombie fans, rejoice. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s The zombie experience is getting some exciting new content in season two in the form of new maps.

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The map is not completely new but it is new to CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Battlefield The Fortune’s Keep map, a small-scale map for the Respawn mode, will be the setting for future Zombie adventures, offering a smaller experience than Urzikstan.

A cutscene in MW3 Zombies after completing the Shepherd mission.Let’s talk about this. Screenshot of Dot Esports

In a new Twitter/X post about season two, CoD has confirmed that Fortune’s Keep is returning with a “new” POI, but the attached video also shows it CoD operators fight Zombies on Fortune’s Keep using Ray Guns and more.

Fortune’s Keep was originally introduced in season four of Call of Duty: Pioneer returned in 2022 but was quickly taken away when Battlefield 2.0 debuted later that year. It returns for the first time in the new one Battlefield experience and also completely new to the Zombies gameplay.

MWZ Now it looks more and more similar DMZ from Modern war 2every place Battlefield The map is also playable. If this is a growing trend, Rebirth Island may also be playable MWZ when it launches later this year.

It’s also expected that season two will add even more content to Zombies, such as new Wonder Weapons, new story developments, and more, such as new weapons coming soon. MW3. Zombie Rick Grimes and Michonne characters would fit right in of MW3 The zombie-themed season, also looks to add overgrown zombie apocalypse-like remakes of existing multiplayer maps like Terminal and more.

Fortune favors the bold. Call of Duty #Warzone Season 2 launches February 7 ⚔️
🪙 Fortune’s Keep returns with refreshed POIs
🥇 Compete to win in WZ: Resurgence Ranked Matches
🧟 The Walking Dead Operator joins the fight
➕ more

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) February 1, 2024

More information about season two is expected in a full blog post later today around 12pm CT, but it looks like there will be plenty of content for CoD fans can explore whichever game mode they like best. MW3 Part two will air on February 7.

Updated February 1 at 12:20 p.m. CT: False alarm, zombie fans. Zombies will only appear in Fortune’s Keep as part of new contracts in Respawn mode.

“Operators should be aware that recent seismic events may be related to increased zombie activity across the island,” Activision said. “Therefore, a new and temporary Extermination Contract has been issued to all existing Operators: Investigate any corpses you find, follow the Zombie Nest’s trail of reported Zombie activity Localization; They are invading the island! Destroy the cysts and any HVT Zombies before the Contract is complete. The exact type of HVT may change depending on time and other factors.”