Blog - February 7, 2024

MW3 Season 2 Update Brings Massive Map, Weapon Changes to Ranked Games and Call of Duty League

The Call of duty League changed the map pool today after the season two update launched. Modern warfare 3 Ranked play followed suit and made some additional changes to better match what pro players were doing.

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MW3 season two wiped out the leaderboard in Ranked Play. Players are re-ranked three tiers below where they finished the previous season, giving community members a chance to catch up with the rest of the competition.

Two MW3 Rating Games operators.The ranked game mode has changed in season two. Image via Activision

Additionally, the update introduces new Ranked weapon blueprints, weapon stickers, operators, and more rewards. But most of all, CoD Players will notice some significant changes when logging in for the first time after the February 7 update.

Call of duty tournament and Modern warfare 3 Play ranked, changes explained

The Call of duty The league announced today that Rio will replace Skidrow in Search and Destroy and replace Terminal in Hardpoint for the maps and modes of the upcoming Major Two online qualifiers.

Treyarch has made similar map changes for MW3 Play ranked today and also re-added Sub Base after the developers were forced to temporarily remove the Hardpoint map due to glitches.

The SVA 545, RAM-7, BP50, HRM-9, RAM-9, and XRK Stalker weapons are now restricted to Ranked Games, along with the JAK BFB, JAK Bullseye attachments, as well as perks of Ninja Vest and Tactical Pad Boots.

Fans of the JAK BFB attachment will be disappointed as this gun has become a firm favorite in Ranked Play because of major improvements in the gun’s kick control and vertical and horizontal recoil . RAM-7 and HRM-9 also have quite a large user base in game mode.

Call of duty League senior manager Spencer Peterson revealed that none of the season’s two new maps could be added to the pro map pool until after Major Two but did not rule out testing new maps in Play Rating before they are included in the official pool.