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MW3 season 2 first patch notes: New guns, new maps, The Walking Dead, more

Zombie are invading The call of duty, but that’s not all: Part two of Modern warfare 3 filled with new content.

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Whether you want more maps, more weapons, more Prestige levels, new perks, or other content, MW3 There can be something for everyone. There’s even a new Ranked Play season and a bunch of new events to play for, so jump in and get ready for a few months of fun. CoD.

Here’s everything that’s being added and changed in the MW3 patch notes for part two.

  • MW3 season 2 patch notes
    • Weapon balance
    • New weapon
    • New Perk: Ninja Vest
    • New multiplayer map
    • New ranked season and rewards
    • New Prestige level
    • New game mode
    • Limited time event

MW3 season 2 patch notes

Laswell and another operator cooperate at MW3Team up again. Image via Activision

This is everything expected at of MW3 update, part two, will launch on February 7. Full patch notes will be available that morning before the update arrives at 11 a.m. CT.

Weapon balance

As is the case with every season in fish, There will be a series of weapon balance changes for guns, attachments, etc. as the new season progresses. Check back here to see what the new meta will look like on February 7.

New weapon

Sword melee weapon in MW3Cut each slice. Image via Activision

Four new weapons are coming soon MW3 in part two, includes the BP50 assault rifle (battle pass), the RAM-9 SMG (battle pass), the SOA Subverter battle rifle (weekly challenge), and the Soulrender melee weapon sword (acquisition method TBA).

New Perk: Ninja Armor

Ninja armor in MW3Plays very stealthily – mine likes it. Image via Activision

A brand new perk is being joined MW3 multiplayer, Ninja Vest, allows players to have a different style of play.

  • Equipment slot: Tactical, Lethal, Field Upgrades
  • Gear slot: Gloves, Boots, Gear
  • “Eliminate the sound of footsteps. Immune to movement reduction effects. Bonus Shuriken and Throwing Knife ammo. Resupply Shuriken and Throwing Knife every 25 seconds.”
  • Duplicate effects do not stack. If you equip Covert Sneakers, you will gain the effect of Running Sneakers.

New multiplayer map

Ghost and other operators on the new MW3 map in part two, Stash House.Another mini map. Let’s go. Image via Activision

Three new six-on-six maps (Departures, Stash House, Vista) combined with two remixes (Terminal “Airborne” Remix and Skidrow “Skidgrow” Remix), one CoD: Pioneer remake (Das Haus) and an all-new War mode map (Operation Tin Man) to provide a series of new locations for players to fight in.

Stash House (“Lot Size”) and Vista (“Shooting House Size”) will add even more variety to the small map pool, as will Das Haus. But Departures is described as “bigger than Terminal.” Remixes will be in the new Hordepoint and Vortex modes when it returns for the season.

New ranked season and rewards

Play ranked MW3 season 2 camosLevel up and disguise. Image via Activision

All-new rewards are available in the second season of Ranked Games, including special camouflage weapons for each Skill Group achieved, plus weapons and calling cards depending on where you finished.

  • Copper: Icon “MW3 Season 2 Bronze”
  • Silver: “Silver MW3 Season 2” icon
  • Yellow: Animated emblems and camouflage weapons “MW3 Season 2 Gold”
  • Platinum: “MW3 Season 2 Platinum” Camouflage Weapon and Animation Emblem
  • Diamond: “MW3 Season 2 Diamond” camouflaged weapon and animation emblem
  • Dark red: “MW3 Season 2 Crimson” camouflaged weapon and animation emblem
  • Iridescent: “MW3 Season 2 Iridescent” calling card, emblem and weapon camouflage
  • End of Part 2 of the Top 250: Calling cards, emblems and weapon camouflage “MW3 Season 2 Top 250”
  • End of season 2 ranked 1st overall: Animated tags and icons “MW3 Season #1 Overall”

New Prestige level

MW3 season 2 rewards and prestige levelsIt’s a long way, so bring double XP. Image via Activision

A host of new rewards await those who level up in the second season, up to a new maximum level of 450.

New game mode

A series of new modes will join MW3 throughout the season at each weekly reset.

Hordepoint mode in MW3Watch out! Image via Activision


As if Hardpoint wasn’t enough, this variant also adds zombies. Watch out behind.


This wild playlist includes Domination, Kill Confirmation, and Hardpoint where every player is a Juggernaut. Yes, it would be silly.

Only for snipers

MW3 playlist is for snipers onlyIt’s time to see who is the best sniper. Image via Activision

It’s time to show off those sniper shooting skills. All weapons other than sniper rifles are banned, including anti-personnel and tactical guns, so it’s all about who can be the best sniper.

Team gun game

This takes the traditional free-for-all and puts a twist on it. Players can move on to the next gun on the list by reaching a certain number of points, and then everyone on the team will receive a new weapon. As always, kills with knives reset the other team, but the goal is to be the first team to get kills with all weapons.


This is a TDM variant where the player with the most kills will be marked as a high value target (HVT) and will receive extra points whenever they are killed.


Airborne remix terminal in MW3The spiral returns. Image via Activision

Using spooky, zombie, or apocalyptic themed map variations like those mentioned above, Vortex returns. This mode will arrive mid-season alongside the Vortex: Decay’s Realm limited-time event.

Limited time event

Several upcoming events with exclusive rewards throughout the season.

  • Herd hunt: February 7 to March 6
  • Year of the Dragon: February 9 to 14
  • Cryptocurrency Bootcamp: February 14 to 28
  • Zombie: Fear of Life: February 28 to March 6
  • Vortex: Declining Kingdom: Mid season
  • Dune: Rules of Fate: Mid season

This article will be updated with more information, including official patch notes when they launch on February 7.