Blog - February 7, 2024

MW3 Horde Hunt Event: All challenges and rewards

Zombies, zombies everywhere in Call of duty. Modern warfare 3 And War zone Season two kicked off today with a limited-time event that tasked all players with slaying the undead.

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And it’s not just for MW3 The same goes for zombie mode. Zombies can be found all over MW3 multiplayer and even Battlefieldso players who want to participate and earn rewards can play almost anything to participate.

This special thing CoD event is called The hunt for the herdand that’s what new fight card operator Rick Grimes from Zombie very familiar with. Gear up and join several modes to complete challenges and earn some rewards in the limited-time event that will last throughout this February.

Here’s everything there is to know about Horde Hunt limited time mode in MW3 And Battlefield.

MW3 Horde Hunt rewards and how to get them

MW3 Horde Hunt event explainedHere’s how to play. Screenshot of Dot Esports

All are Zombies, always present in this limited time event. Zombies in Hordepoint multiplayer mode, MWZ, And Battlefield Will drop bones when killed. Collecting bones is the name of the game, as each reward has a required amount to collect.

Each week, a new Featured Zombie will be added. During week one, that is Armored zombiesthe second week is hellhound, and the third week is for Mimic. A new goal will be added each week.

Basic Zombie Bones

Killing normal zombies will have a chance to drop bones. Pick them up when they fall.

  • Epic Aether Tool (75 Zombie Bones)
  • Currently glitched and unknown (155 Zombie bones)
  • Currently glitched and unknown (310 Zombie bones)
  • Epic Aether Tool (625 Zombie Bones)
  • Currently glitched and unknown (1,250 Zombie bones)
  • Legendary Aether Tool (2,500 Zombie Bones)
  • Currently glitched and unknown (5,000 Zombie bones)
  • Ray Gun Box (10,000 Zombie Bones)

MW3 Horde Hunt challenges and rewardsGet it done, zombie killer. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Outstanding Zombie Bones

Each week’s featured zombies are listed below. Accumulate kills to collect the necessary bones.

Armored Zombies (Week One)

  • “Little Scream” Charm (600 Armored Zombie Skulls)

Hellhounds (Week Two)

  • “Dogs of Hell” calling card (challenge takes place on February 14)

Imitation (Week Three)

  • “Cursed Bullets” (challenge takes place on February 21)

How to get Killshot costume MW3 And Battlefield

Killshot skin for Swagger in MW3.Final prize. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To get the new Killshot skin for Swagger, all featured Zombie Collections must be completed, meaning all challenges for Armored Zombies, Hell Hounds, and Mimics. This will require playing Horde Hunt each of the three available weeks.