Blog - February 6, 2024

MW3 developers confirm Breaking Bad Easter eggs on the new Stash House season 2 map

Stash House, a new 6v6 multiplayer map is coming soon Modern warfare 3 season two, which features a subtle tie-in with the iconic television series Bad break.

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MW3 part two introduces four new multiplayer maps, with three coming in the first update. Vista and Departures are labeled as medium-sized maps, but Stash Map is described by the developers as “shipment-sized,” which will be music to the ears of players who love fast-paced, frantic action.

MW3 hangarStash House is the newest small map in MW3. Image via Activision

Stash House takes place in a house in suburban California that has just been raided. Fittingly, the multiplayer map pays homage to Breaking Bad, a show that featured many similar clashes with the federal government.

Modern warfare 3 the developer acknowledges the Breaking Bad reference

In the third season episode of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White tries to patch things up with his wife by treating the family to a pizza dinner. The offer was declined and White replied, “We have dipsticks,” in a humorous but desperate line that fans will remember forever. After turning off the engine, White sped off and threw the pizza on the roof before driving away in anger.

MW3 players noticed a pizza on the roof in Stash House and asked on Reddit whether it could be a tribute to the Breaking Bad scene.

“We have dipsticks…” Sledgehammer Games replied, confirming the Easter egg theory.

Stash House’s tribute to Breaking Bad only makes sense given Walter White’s transformation into a ruthless drug lord. There will likely be more Easter eggs for players to discover when the map launches with the highly anticipated part two update tomorrow.