Blog - February 7, 2024

MW3 and Warzone finally improve the accuracy and responsiveness of aiming when using a mouse

Sledgehammer Games has listened to community feedback and addressed an issue affecting mouse and keyboard (MnK) stability in Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield.

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For many years, there has been an ongoing debate within Call of duty community between MnK and controller users. MnK players claim they are at a distinct disadvantage without the help of aim assist, which guides the controller user’s crosshairs onto enemies by slowing their aim when aiming to compensate for the joystick’s lack of precise control.

A character holding a weapon outside an airport in Modern Warfare 3.Mouse and keyboard players have finally been vindicated. Image via Activision

CoD YouTuber TrueGameData embarked on a mission to discover why a portion of players felt unfairly punished and discovered a glitch that caused MnK players to miss more often. Sledgehammer Games has listened to that feedback and responded accordingly.

Idle swing aim and hipfire cross swing improved in MW3 And Battlefield season 2

In the season two update, Sledgehammer Games made changes to ADS idle effects and hipfire focus effects. The patch applies to all input devices, but it will be more notable on MnK as it finally addresses the issue revealed by TrueGameData.

The MW3 The developers have shared a before-and-after video showing what the improvements have done. Previously, when you aimed down the sight with the optic while using the MnK, the viewfinder would zoom in on a random spot far away from the target, making it nearly impossible to have any consistency in aiming enemy. TrueGameData demonstrated this by going to the shooting range. He aimed a shot straight at the test dummy’s head, but after aiming down the sights, the crosshair was in a different position.

ADS idle swing is the culprit behind this strange mechanism and now it starts immediately after aiming down the sight, instead of immediately. The ADS idle wobble will still occur, but it will gradually increase over a three-second period instead of starting at full speed after aiming down the sights.

Significant changes to ADS idle sway and other weapon properties in #MW3 and #Warzone have been made to improve targeting accuracy and responsiveness , especially when using a mouse.

— Sledgehammer Games (@SHGames) February 7, 2024

Previously, the weapon’s hip reticle moved with the weapon’s movement, causing the direction of fire to deviate from the center. The update ensures the hipfire cross will no longer wobble from the center of the screen, even when the camera moves.