Blog - February 1, 2024

Monopoly GO: Prize Parade rewards and milestones

The Awards Parade event is kicking off the Carnival festivities in exclusive GO with loads of dice, Sticker Packs and Peg-E Tokens as usual. The previous event Rodeo Riders has ended and the Prize Parade will remain in the game for four full days, until February 5, making it a super long main event. These are all the rewards you can get from it.

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All prizes of the Prize Parade in exclusive GO

IN GO exclusive Parade to award prizes Earn points by landing on Tax and Utilities tiles. These points will fill the bar at the top of your screen. Each filled bar is a level in the event, and completing a bar will give you the rewards listed. As you move forward, reaching the next level and winning new prizes will be harder but the rewards will be better. You can even win special Carnival Coconut tokens. So play smart. Don’t use too many dice but don’t miss out on the prizes either. See the full list of Awards Parade rewards below.

MilestonePrize Parade RewardsRequires17 Peg-E5 Tokens 220 Dice5 3 Green Sticker Packs (1 star)10 4Cash505130 Dice10610 Peg-E15 Tokens Get Cash 710 mins15 8Green Sticker Packs (1 star)100 915 Peg- Tokens E20 10225 Dice100 11Cash2012Green Sticker Pack (1 star) )25 1320 Peg-E TOkens2514Cash2515475 Dice2501615 minutes Rent Frenzy3017Orange Sticker Pack (2 stars)351835 Peg-E Tokens4019Cash4520Carnival Coconut4502110 0 Dice502255 Peg-E Token502310 min Color sticker pack pink (3 stars) )60251,000 dice700026Cash8027Blue sticker pack (4 stars)702885 Peg-E Tokens6029125 Dice7030Cash55031150 Dice10032Cash increase in 5 minutes15033105 Peg-E Tokens20034Cash250351 .400 dice1.00036125 Code message Peg-E30037200 dice35038Cash40039Purple sticker pack (5 stars)50 0403,000 Dice2,000 High Roller 4120min60042170 Token Peg-E65043850 Dice70044Cash1.60045900 Dice75046210 Peg -E Tokens80047Purple sticker pack (5 stars)85048Cash900496,500 Dice, Purple Sticker Pack (5 stars)4,000

We are currently running the event and confirming all rewards and milestones listed above.

The total number of rewards you can receive from the Prize Parade in exclusive GO To be:

  • Coconut Festival Player Token
  • 15,075 dice
  • 837 Peg-E Tokens
  • 10 cash milestones
  • Nine Sticker Packs, including three Purple Packs (5 Stars)
  • 30 minutes of intense rolling
  • 15 minute Frenzy rental
  • 10 minutes to receive cash
  • Five minutes cash increase