Blog - February 6, 2024

Monopoly GO Partners Event: Everything about Valentine Partners we know so far

Scopely is dropping one exclusive GO Partner events in February, including Valentine’s Day themes and rewards.

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The exclusive GO The partner event will return in February, according to an initial data mine from MonopolyGOwiki. Partner events are my favorite because of all the rewards you and your partners can earn. Typical rewards from one Monopoly Go Partner events include the usual Dice, sticker packs and cash. The Valentine Partner Event includes a grand prize of one Cupid Lizzie game section for players who complete every milestone with their four partners.

How exclusive GO Valentine’s partner works

Cupid Lizzie game section | Image via ScopelyValentine Partner Token | Image via Scopely

Partner events at exclusive GO asks you to team up with four other friends, but be careful who you choose. The The Valentine Partner Event is only a temporary event and claim daily participation to earn maximum rewards. Like solo events and tournaments, tokens awarded during gameplay are used to spin a wheel filled with points. The Valentine’s Partners token is shaped like a cake with a heart bow on top and a Cupid arrow heart on the side.

Points earned from spinning the wheel will be applied to you and your partner’s milestone frames. You can only spin the wheel for one partner at a time. I recommend saving up as many Valentine tokens as possible before spinning, using the maximum multiplier. This increases your chances of achieving higher scores and progressing through milestones faster.

All Valentine Partner rewards and milestones in exclusive GO

Scopely has not announced Valentine Partner milestones and rewards for each partner at the time of writing, but we will add them as soon as they are available. Like January exclusive GO Partner events, will likely have five milestones to unlock for each partner with rewards like Dice, Stickers, and cash. Completing all five milestones with each of your four partners will unlock it Cupid Lizzie game share tokens and potentially up to 5,000 dice.

When exclusive GO Valentine’s partner start and end?

The exclusive GO Valentine Partner Event is scheduled to start on February 9. We are still waiting for Scopely to announce start and end times at the time of writing.